2017 Undercut Braids Hairstyles from Celebs

The modern-day prom hairstyles are all about edgy combinations and flashy solutions. Celebrities prove that they can rock undercuts without cutting their hair off or shaving it on one side. If you are interested in the latest trendy undercut braids hairstyles for 2017 then this list of hairdos will blow your mind away. Undercut braids are the edgiest yet most attractive braided hairstyles among stylish females. Become one of the most inspiring women among your friends with your cool hairstyle ideas.2017 Undercut Braids Hairstyles from CelebsCara Delevigne Undercut Braids Hairstyle

This is not the first time Cara Delevigne appears with undercut braids. She likes this hairstyle as it ideally goes with her long hair and brings out her hair color. It’s a sophisticated and bold haircut at the same time that’s why she often chooses it as he red carpet hairdo. Her delightful shade of bronde makes her hairstyle more sparkling and beautiful.Cara Delevingne undercut braid 2017Amber Heard Undercut Braids Hairstyle

As for Amber Heard, she has gone for a messy, textured and wavy hairstyle along with those undercut braids to create a more capturing effect of undercut. Her face is daintily frames with loose waves and long fringe on one side and is quite neat and polished on the other part thanks to the original style of the tight braids. It’s even nicer due to her fresh hair color. It is fabulous with red lips and subtle eye makeup.Amber Heard braid undercut 2017Shakira Undercut Braids Hairstyle

The Afro style has been Shakira’s biggest inspiration. She is into this culture and style and her hairdos are often achieved with Afro touches. The undercut braids or the so called cornrow braids are her favorite. She wears them on her long and hick hair keeping it straight and sleek. As a result, we see her hair color mixture with dark roots.shakira undercut braid 2017Jessica Alba Undercut Braids Hairstyle

What concerns Jessica Alba, she prefers tender and feminine hairstyles but is not afraid of a bit of boldness. Her brunette undercut braids are cute and very flattering. She shows the subtlest way to wear this hairstyle and look elegant. Her choice is the traditional French plait, which has been considered as the easiest way of getting the faux undercut. You can try it for your birthday party or prom night.jessica Alba Undercut braids hairstyle 2017Scarlett Johansson Undercut Braids Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson displays another trendy faux undercut hairstyle with tiny vertical braids and voluminous waves.  Her blonde waves pulled to one side soften her face shape and bring out her killer facial features. This is her choice of grabbing attention.Scarlett Johansson undercut braid hairstyle 2017