Cool Braided Hairstyles for Messy Hair

Why do we love messy hairstyles so much? Perhaps the main reason is that they are effortless and soft at the same time. We find creative and unique solutions to switch up our hairstyles with messy touches. Besides, messy hairdos ate popular and fashionable. Here are some of the newest messy braided hairstyles to try this year. Let’s add more fun and interest to our common plaits with more frizz and messiness.braided-hairstyles-for-messy-hair-2017Frizzy Fishtail Braid

Black women with frizzy hair will surely like the idea of a neater and cozier hairstyle like the side fishtail. It’s a gorgeous way to keep control over annoying strands and to look stylish. Your dry and frizzy hair will become quite attractive with the help of messy fishtail. One of my friends fell in love with this hairdo once I offered it for her frizzy and thick strands. Now, she wears it almost every week we meet.frizzy-fishtail-braid-2017Messy Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

Do you love romantic hairstyles? Consider the cute milkmaid and style it with messiness for a natural effect. This gorgeous hairstyle is a good idea for naturally messy strands. It can be styled on bedhead hair as well as on late evenings when you don’t know what to do with your shaggy mane. It’s a girlish and convenient hairstyle for any event.messy-milkmaid-braid-2017Messy Braided Updo Hairstyle

The most elegant hairstyle idea for any girl is the beautifully styled updo. We prefer updo hairstyles that look festive and elegant. So, one of them is this messy braided updo achieved with a French plait. It’s a loose yet cozy hairdo for brides and bridesmaids. You can choose it especially if you have slicing highlight on your hair. They look prettier on wavy and messy braids.messy-braided-updo-2017Messy Asymmetrical Braid Hairstyle

We seldom meet asymmetrical hairstyles in braids as they require special plating skills and always look original. They are mainly worn with the help o ponytails or French braids. If you like uneven hairstyles then try this asymmetrical plait one and evolve it as much as your braiding skills allow you to. Add it some messiness or just create on your messy hair to make it fascinating.messy-asymmetrical-braid-2017Messy Braids for Short Hair

Short messy hairstyles are very fashionable but they are not always interesting. Once you combine short locks with braids your haircut becomes eye-catching and soft. Dutch, French and fishtail braids are the best for short messy hair. Place them on the top or use your bangs to get this cute style. messy-braids-for-short-hair-2017