Short Box Braids Hairstyles

Whatever your haircut you’ll always try box braids if you are a black women. It is simply gorgeous how short haircuts become so popular for women of all hair types and tastes. Among them we meet stylish short box braids hairstyles, which are typical to Afro-American women.  The majority of those stunners wear box braids on short haircuts to look classic and neater as well as to keep control over messy strands. Today box braids are among the most popular and requested hairstyles for bob haircuts. There are several cool options and styles that look so fresh and astounding. short-box-braids-for-2017The most common way to get a fancy style is to go for a weave or wig. Wearing wigs out of natural hair is very stylish and attractive. Another way to get it is going for a relaxed cut. You can boost relaxed locks for a long period of time. Besides, it gives you more styling opportunities. But while natural hairstyles demand more care, box braids are low-maintenance and look tidy. With the help of the right braiding technique you will get this awesome result on your short hair. Below you see the latest looks with short box braids. Consider some of the versions to use in 2017 when you plan to be busier and find less time for hair styling. box-braids-bob-2017Besides the traditional dark shade for box braids there are also silver, blonde, caramel and colorful styles to make your choice between. So, leave your comfort zone and welcome anew shade for short box braids. It will make your look brighter and unique. Both lob and bob hairstyles become tidier and more elegant with box braids. If you like, you can take your bob hairstyle to the next level with half bun, double bun, half-updo and other updo hairstyles. as soon as you get tired of the same look try as many trendy hairstyle ideas as possible for box braids.  short-box-braids-idea-2017How to Get:

Of course box braids are not that easy to get compared to twists, but since they are more impressive and exquisite you’d better go for box braids. Just ask your stylist for one of these looks and keep some patience to see the desired result. Once created, box braids last long and stay beautiful. You should use oil for the roots and wash your hair twice a week for a fresh and shiny look. You can update them with beads to make lovelier and more stylish.short-box-braids-hairstyle-2017