Best Long Hairstyles for 2017

The most feminine long hairstyles 2017 are inspired by the catwalk looks and stunners. It’ the high time for you to experiment with many more long hairstyle ideas. Beside the common straight and wavy hairstyles there are also bombshell curls, wet-look hair trends and elegant updos for long tresses. Always keep in mind that your long hair is gem and you should take care of it to make it shinier and prettier.

Incredible Long Hairstyle Ideas

Any hairstylist can offer you millions of hairstyles if you have long hair. It’s the best state for cool experiments and creative hairstyles. From the classiest hairdos to the most interesting solutions you can always find the desired hairstyle according to your taste and preferences. Now, check out these incredible long hairstyles take care of your luscious hair type.Long Layered Hairstyle

Extra-long hair demands much care than any other hair length and type. Layers come for help when you want to refresh your tresses. This trick works well especially with straight hair. If your hair is straight, update it with layers keeping the length so ravishing and sleek. Side and center parting are the best and easiest styles that you can combine with it.

Hottest Long Straight Hairstyles

Long hair will never be out of style. It’s always in thing and will always be the most feminine style. If you are in a search of new long straight hairstyles for 2017 then you are in the right place. Discover the power of straight hairstyles right here ad right now. Our team has done a thorough research to find the latest straight hairstyles for you. Don’t miss your chance of being inspired by the loveliest long hairdos.long-hairstyles-2017Long Straight Layered Hairstyle

It goes without saying that long layers look perfect in straight styles. Once you opt for the flat ironed hairdos you allow your layers bring out their real charm. They look so hot and fresh.

Modern Long Hairstyle Ideas

Long hair and no inspiration? Don’t worry, our team works hard for everyone who has lack of inspiration. Just keep up with the latest hair trends that we find out for your hair. Today the turn is for the most fashionable long hairstyle ideas that you can wear in 2017. We have everything from messy to the neatest looks to inspire our long-haired readers.long-hairstyles-2017Vintage Victory Rolls for Long Hair

Why do you think that vintage hairstyles are old-fashioned? Here is a modern victory rolls hairdo that works well with long tresses. This half-updo hairstyle is one of the bests for your party looks. It’s seductive, luxurious and feminine. Whenever you need to take your look to the next posh level just opt for vintage half-up hairstyles. They make hair luscious and very flashy thanks to the big curls.

5-Minute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Women with long hair usually spend much time on hair styling. Many find it difficult to bring their hair to a proper look in a short period of time. But everything depends on your hairstyle choice, if you opt for the right hairstyle you can get a fantastic look just in 5 minutes. Special for my busy ladies here are the best 5-minute hairstyles for long hair. They will come for help for your busy days or late mornings. So, learn the best way of looking gorgeous with simple tricks.easy-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2017Half-Top Knot Hairstyle

A half-up top knot hairstyle is the newest street style hair trend that has been taken to the red carpet. It’s an effortless and quick hairdo that goes well with most hair lengths but is beneficial especially for long, messy, unruly and thick hair. It helps to keep annoying hair out of the face and look stylish.

Long Hairstyle Ideas to Try in SS 2017

Long hair with modern twists is always in thing. Whether you like short or medium cuts long hair will always remain the most feminine and favorite style in the fashion world. They are requested in any season and for any occasion. However, trends tend to change and become more fashionable by the time and the latest long hairstyles ideas for SS 2017 represented from backstage beauty looks will prompt you what is in thing this spring and summer.long-hairstyles-for-2017Long Middle Part Hair with Waves

Middle-part hairstyles seem to be the most dominant styles for bob, lob and long hairstyles. They are mostly combined with straight and sleek hair but look beautiful with loosely curled tips. These hairdos are now embraced with stylish accessories. You can achieve this hairstyle by curling the tips and keeping the top as sleek as possible.

Long Hairstyle Inspiration from Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is an incredible redhead with an inspiring beauty. She has long and luminous locks which she likes to style in a variety of trendy hairstyles. Here are some of Sophie Turner’s long hairstyle ideas special for long-haired stylish women who look for an inspo. These are perhaps the best styles that Sophie has rocked so far. We love all the fancy experiments she does with her hair especially when it comes to seldom hair color changes.sophie-turner-long-hairstyles-2017Sophie Turner’s Long Wavy Hairstyle

Having naturally curly hair Sophie seldom appears with her natural hair type. She prefers either straightening or styling into waves. This is one of her hottest hairstyles for long red hair. It’s a retro inspired finger weave hairdo that makes her stunning red hair color sparkle with all its power. Long finger waves are festive hairstyles and they are ideal especially for layer-free tresses.

Effortless Side Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Probably the easiest and simplest braided style for long hair is the side braid. You can achieve it by yourself and quite fast. If you are looking for chic ways to mane your long hair neater and more feminine, check out these effortless side braid hairstyles for long hair. We’ll help you to liven up your locks with simple tips and tricks.side-braid-hairstyles-2017Bohemian Side Braid Hairstyle

Today’s braided hairstyles are all about textured and messy looks. They have the bohemian inspiration, which makes hairstyles natural looking. Opt for this classic bohemian braid hairstyle using your fishtail braiding skills and combine it with face framing layers. If you have fresh highlights on your tresses, your side braid will look prettier.

Edgy Long Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Among boyish and harsh haircuts, that women choose for their hair undercut is on the first place. It is meant to make a real style stamen and grab attention. A woman needs to be brave enough for such a bold haircut. those who can’t take the risk to shave one side of their long hair, go for faux braided undercuts to get similar looks and results. Below you will see the most popular long undercut hairstyles for women. Check them out and think twice before shaving or cutting your hair off.undercut-hairstyles-for-women-2017Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyle

Hick beach waves along with shaved side create a contrasting and interesting hairstyle, which will never leave you out of attention. This trendy hairstyle is great for women who have luscious, healthy and thick hair. You can shave one side and deal with the other part of your locks spending less time and efforts on styling. Just use curling iron, braiding techniques and hair gels to achieve this cool result.

Long Casual Hairstyle Ideas

We have got new casual hairstyle ideas for long hair to inspire you for your lazy days. These effortless hairdos are trendy and chic in their styles. Any long-haired woman can opt for this string of hairstyles to displays the prettiness of her lovely tresses. From common straight hairstyles to messy and sassy hairdos, here are the best styles for long mane.long-hairstyles-2017Long Ponytail Hairstyle

The first and the most popular hairstyle for long hair is the high and tight ponytail. It’s the coziest and classiest hairstyle to wear at the office or just for your busy days. High and tight ponytails keep all hair out of the face and allow you to draw attention on your face.

2017 Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

When the style is versatile it allows you to find yours. In the case of layers haircuts we have endless opportunities to experiment with new looks and styles. Taking examples from luxurious famous females, we create our own style and inspire women around us. Today our topic is devoted to the trendiest layered haircuts for long hair for 2017. If you have decided to liven up your long mane then check out this collection.layered-haircuts-for-long-hair-2017V-Shaped Layered Haircut

A layered haircut is called V-shaped if it has the structure of the letter “V” on the back part. The gradual change of cuts brings out the sharp and straight form of this letter providing your hair with a cool look. Women with thick tresses can try this style in 2017 to update their long hair. It looks very beautiful especially in straight hairstyles and ponytails. You can complete it with long side swept bangs or sharp center parted layers that frame the face.