Hottest Pixie Haircut Ideas 2017

Bold and boyish pixie haircuts for 2017 will become softer and feminine thanks to the trendy light hair colors, subtle hairstyles and girlish touches. Anyone with short hair is going to discover perfect hairstyle ideas for her pixie cut and those who are thinking about a short pixie cut will meet their dreamy style.

Hairstyle Trends for Pixie Cuts

Pixie is the cut that forbids you to go for many hairstyles but allows you to look cooler and style your locks in several trendy ways. Some of the best hairstyles trends for pixie cuts are collected right here. If you are not pleased with your short haircut then perhaps you style it in wrong. Discover the latest ideas on how to change up the simple look of your pixie cut into a better and prettier style.Hairstyle Trends for Pixie CutsSpikes for Pixie Haircut

Straight, thick and textured pixie haircuts give us the chance to opt for spiky hairstyles. They are crazy, messy and flashy hairstyles for short hair. Although women have stolen spiky hairstyles from men’s fashion but they know how to make it feminine.  

Messy Pixie Hairstyles for 2017

Looking for a fresher haircut? Say goodbye to your medium or long locks and welcome the trendy pixie cut. We offer you a cool string of messy pixie hairstyles for 2017. Shaggy and messy hairdos are the most gorgeous styles for 2017. Here you will find pixie hairstyles for any hair length, any hair type, any texture and style. So, make the right choice for your hair.messy-pixie-hairstyles-2017Spiky Pixie Hairstyle

The most popular short messy hairstyle is the spiky pixie cut. This best goes with thick and straight hair. It adds texture and makes your haircut very eye-catching. In case you like edgy and bold styles, spiky pixie is ideal for you.

5 Gorgeous Celebrity Wavy Pixie Hairstyles

We often copy the haircuts and hairstyles of our favorite celebrities because they always choose the best of bests. Those who have enough brevity and courage to go for super short pixie cuts are the most attractive and eye-catching trendsetters in our fashion. Not everyone looks stunning with short cuts but the celebrity looks represented below are going to prove that some are just stunning in this boyish cut. So, let’s have a look at 5 gorgeous celebrity wavy pixie hairstyles to get the most fantastic idea of girlish pixie styles.wavy-pixie-hairstyles-celebrities-2017Audrey Tautou Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

Having naturally wavy and thick hair Audrey Tautou has easily chopped off her hair into a short and messy pixie haircut. This is her signature style and belongs only to her own uniqueness. She is an incredible artist with original facial features and face expression, which is highlighted due to the shortness of her hair. This is the case when the cut does miracles. It makes her look younger and enhances her seductive face.

Hollywood Stars with Cool Pixie Cuts

We usually refer to the best celebrity looks and hairstyles to be well aware of the latest trends. This time the turn is for the coolest celebrity pixie haircuts that tend to be in thing in 2017 too. Stylish women who have decided to chop off their hair will definitely choose one of these haircuts. Just consult with your stylist before cutting your hair off. Try to enhance your beauty with a short haircut and beautify it with a soft hair color.pixie-hairstyles-2017Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Hairstyle

In case you like spiky, wavy, voluminous and festive pixie hairstyles here is Evan Rachel Wood to inspire you with her cool hairdo. It’s a stunning and fresh hairstyle with a wind-blown effect in it. Evan Rachel Wood has chosen a soft blonde ombre hair color for her cut to make it very feminine. The lovely dark roots add depth while the lighter tips make hair look textured and a bit longer. We love the way she flatters this haircut with her face shape.

Popular Pixie Hairstyles with Bangs for 2017

Why do we judge women with short haircuts? Perhaps this is not the right question to discuss when it comes to these haircuts because every woman decides herself what haircut to wear and for which reason. Some ruin their look with boyish cuts and some just enhance their real beauty. Since bangs make any haircut subtler, softer and more feminine, today we will represent the popular pixie hairstyles with bangs for 2017.  You can liven up your current pixie hairstyle with trendy bangs or can just consider a fancy pixie cut with bangs for 2017. The choice is up to you.pixie-haircuts-with-bangs-2017Layered Pixie Haircut with Bangs

If layered hair then bangs can also be layered especially in the case of pixie haircuts. This fabulous haircut is ideal for thin-haired women who seek for more volume and textured effect for their locks. It’s a classy style to highlight your neat hair type and add a bit of interest to it. You can style layered pixie haircuts into straight and voluminous hairstyles keeping the bangs side parted and blended with the rest of the layers. The result is an overall layered style.

Hottest Pixie Haircuts for Older Women

Whether you should wear your hair short or long depends on your hair type, texture, face shape and sometimes even age. The majority of women prefer short cuts after 50. They feel themselves more convenient with short hair then long. One of the reasons is their thinning strands and the other is that short haircuts are low-maintenance. Below we have collected the hottest pixie haircuts for older women who want to get trendy short cuts. Have a look at them and decide which cut best goes with your current hair type and face shape.pixie-hairstyles-for-older-women-2017Dark Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

Although Kris Jenner is not that old but she inspires many old women with her fresh styles. She always wears haircuts and hairstyles that make her look younger and more feminine. Even short haircuts look so soft on her hair that you feel the elegant touch she opts for. Keeping her hair short and dark Kris gives us the key to youthful hair. She pair her short shaggy pixie haircut with dark brown or black shades and completes her posh look with subtle makeups.  

Hottest Short Pixie Haircuts

Pixie is not an old haircut for women. It is just stolen from men’s fashion. There were times when pixie was considered a bold and brave haircut. It was not accepted as a female style. Today we see pixie haircuts everywhere. It has captured many hearts and becomes more popular all over the world. here we have collected the hottest short pixie haircuts to inspire you for the coming season.  pixie-haircuts-for-2017Charlize Theron’s Short Pixie Haircut

One of the most iconic and inspiring pixie haircuts belongs to Charlize Theron. She rocks this haircut so beautifully and daintily that it seems as if she is prettier and more feminine with short cuts than with long hair. Her cute blonde haircut looks amazing even without additional touches and special styles. It displays her cool face shape along with the killer features. If you like this haircut and want to go for it make sure you have flattering face shape and features.

Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Pixie Cuts 2017

Pixie cuts can bring much fun with them if you discover the best hairstyle ideas to match. The tendency of wearing pixie haircuts is increasing day by day among stylish women. Today we no more consider this style as a harsh or unique option. It has become very common and trendy. Many celebrities change up their looks with the help of short pixie cuts. Let’s consider the best hairstyles for pixie cuts for 2017 and prove that pixies are versatile an flexible cuts too.pixie hairstyles 2017Mohawk Pixie Hairstyle

Perhaps the edgiest pixie hairstyles are Mohawks or faux hawks created on undercuts. They bring out their real structure only when hair is shaves or short cut on the sides and left long on the top. Any woman who has ever gone for an undercut pixie should try this bold style.

Grown Out Pixie Hairstyles

Keep your haircut flattering and trendy even in grown out styles. Many worn who have gone for short pixie haircuts prefer to have a bit long and therefore the look reminds us of grown out yet fresh hairstyles. The variations of grown out pixie haircuts are limitless as they come up both in asymmetrical and symmetrical shapes. Some are cool combinations of bob and pixie cuts. Here you see the latest trendy styles of grown out pixie cuts for all hair types and textures.grown out pixie hairstyles 2017Grown Out Straight Pixie Hairstyle

Straight hair becomes flexible and much more feminine in grown out pixie styles. If you are tired of your same hairstyle and want to spice it up then you need to let it grow a little bit and go for spiky, classy side swept and lovely straight hairstyles. It’s preferable to refresh such haircut with trendy bangs as they change the overall look of the haircut.

Beautiful Pixie Haircut Trends for 2017

Do you love the charm of short haircuts? The tendency of wearing pixies is increasing day by day in the fashion world. During the latest 5 years we have seen many Hollywood stars transforming into totally different ladies with the help of boyish pixie haircuts. But women know how to rock the hash hairstyles stolen from men’s fashion. They combine these short cuts with subtle hair colors, highlights and hairstyles.  If you are thinking of changing up your look with radical experiments then check out this guide to the latest pixie hairstyle trends for 2017.pixie hairstyles 2017Spiky Pixie Hairstyle

In order to have a spike pixie hairstyle one should first of all have straight and thick hair. This hairstyle is sharp and powerful in its look and suits subtle face shapes and tender facial features. If you are sure you have such then take the risk and go ahead with spiky pixie haircut.