Modern Ponytail Hairstyles for 2017

If you think that ponytails always stay the same then you are in the right place to be admired by innovative and modern ponytail hairstyles for 2017. Many simple hairstyles are taken to the next level with cool effects. These pony hairdos are amazing and charming with their classic and elegant looks.

Polished Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Are you ready for the new season of polished ponytail hairstyles? I know how tired you are from the old-fashioned and dull versions of pony hairdos. Our team has worked hard to provide you with more stylish and cool ideas. If you like the classiest hairstyle idea then you are in the right place.ponytail-hairstyles-2017First of all, let’s discuss the advantages of ponytail hairstyles and then pass on to the possible stylish looks. So, ponytail is really one of the most convenient hairstyles for any occasion. You can wear it at home, at your workplace, during your workouts and even for special occasions.

5 Ponytail Hairstyles to Copy Now

Updated and more fashionable ponytail hairstyles are taken to the next level these days. Instead of the high, polished and tight pony hairdos, you should style loose, low, medium, side and side parted ponytails to look stylish. Here we have collected 5 new ponytail hairstyles that you can try now and consider in for 2017. Refresh your old pony hairdos with a modern twist and breathe.  ponytail-hairstyles-2017Sleek Side Ponytail Hairstyle

There are effortless ponytail hairstyles that look so polished, classic and beautiful. One of them is the trendy sleek side parted pony with a shiny elegance in it. This hairstyle is a good one for office looks and sophisticated neat women.

Hottest Ponytail Hairstyles from Celebrities

New ponytail hairstyles are always in the center of attention as any girls with medium to short hair wears this style at least once a week. Many can’t even go without ponytail hairstyles. Ponytails are not only convenient hairstyles that keep hair out of the face, buy they are also feminine, classic and elegant. Since we are all familiar with the traditional and simple pony hairdos, it’s the high time to discover the hottest ponytail hairstyles from celebrities.celebrity-ponytail-hairstyles-2017Chiara Ferragni’s Retro Ponytail Hairstyle

Ret hairstyles are back with modern elements. Have a look at this charming lady who rocks an old-fashioned ponytail with such a cute twist that it looks far from being an old style. Chiara Ferragni is one of our lovely celebrities who wears trendy hair colors and highlights them with fancy hairstyles. Her chic, volummized yet low and simple ponytail looks very attractive with those loose wavy face framing bangs. It becomes trendy thanks to the center parting trick.

Rio 2016 Inspired Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

While many think that ponytail is a simple hairstyle for workout stylish athletes prove that they can rock this style with a variety of modern twists and trendy solutions at Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We have seen so many chic ponytail hairstyle ideas during these games that we are confused in the variety. Sportswomen choose ponytail as a cozy and tight hairstyle to keep all hair out of the face. Convenience is on the first place for the majority of the winners. Here are collected the most popular ponytail hairdos that we have seen during these Olympic Games.ponytail hairstyles 2017Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

The majority of athletes and female tennis players were rocking high and tight braided ponytail hairstyles which go well with the comfy cups. This hairstyle is perhaps the most frequently seen option among athletes. It has the desired coziness and looks quite neat even if they move, run or jump so often. The braid doesn’t allow the tail look messy and disturb them during the number.

Classic Ponytail Hairstyles for Office Women

Are you an everyday business lady who has special dress codes and appearance appropriate for office?  Perhaps you often look for trendy classic hairstyles to complete your posh look. Moreover, we know that you often wear the timeless ponytail. But what if you always wear the same dull hairdo and feel as if you are tired of it? Try new classic ponytail hairstyle ideas in 2017 and feel the little yet enjoyable change that it brings to your look.  ponytail hairstyles 2017Half-Ponytail Hairstyle

Let’s start from the popular half-ponytail hairstyle which reminds us of our old good school days. This hairdo is a stunning one for your complete office looks. It is ideal for medium to long straight hair. You can opt for it when you seek for a feminine and subtle yet sleek hairstyle.

Amazing Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Ponytail is the easiest and the most popular hairstyle all over the world. It’s the queen of the posh updos and has a delightful charm in it. Being a timeless hairstyle ponytail is always there for us. It comes for help when we don’t know what to do with our messy, frizzy, greasy or undone hair. Ponytails are cozy and they always tend to grab attention. With the help of a trendy ponytail hairstyle you can bring out your killer facial features.ponytail hairstyles 2017Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Messy ponytail have become the most frequently seen hairstyles on the streets. Women rock car free yet seductive pony hairdos with a messy touch. It’s easy quick and comfy.

Latest Bob Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Fashion trends are changeable and nothing is forever but there are timeless hairstyles that always look stylish and just need updates. One of them is the bob haircut. It is a versatile style that’s why we see it each season with modern twists and fancier touches. If you have decided to wear a trendy bob haircut in 2017 then keep on reading because below you’ll see the most attractive styles of the seductive bob haircut.bob hairstyles 2017Shag Bob Hairstyle

Lately shaggy hairstyles have become big trends. They are combined with any hair length and tend to make hair more interesting. Women with thin tresses choose shaggy bob haircuts to add visual fullness and thickness to their locks. These hairstyles look beautiful even in their natural look but if you have super straight hair you can use special products to achieve the messiness. Layers and bangs can also help to get the shag.