Loveliest Updo Hairstyles for 2017

Prom and festive updo hairstyles for 2017 as well as cozy and casual styles are waiting for medium to long-haired beauties. Even short hair can be styled into cute updo hairstyles. All you need to know is just the right styling technique. With the help of these articles you’ll learn a lot about trendy updos. Wear updo hairstyles to draw attention to your killer face.

Golden Globes 2017: Hottest Celebrity Updo Hairstyles

Leaving alone all the discussions about the best and worst looks, we’ll be inspired by the hottest celebrity updo hairstyles at the Golden Globes 2017.  Check out your favorite looks with subtler and more fascinating hairdos. Choose prom hairstyles for your upcoming parties. These lovely celebs show us how we should style our medium and long strands into elegant hairdos. Be the first of your friends to find out the latest trendy styles.Golden Globes 2017: Hottest Celebrity Updo HairstylesBlake Lively’s Updo Hairstyle

Look at this hot and charming actress. It’s Blake Lively in a capturing velvet dress from Atelier Versace with gilded Swarovski crystal chainmail embellishment. The black shade of her dress draws attention to her light hair color. This is one her best elegant looks. She is so luxurious in that tight French twist updo mixed with some messiness.

Braided Half-Up Hairstyle Trends 2017

Do you love half-up hairstyles? Have you tried this style with trendy braids? Let’s unlock the world of the braided half-up hair trends for 2017.These are going to be your most favorite semi-updo hairstyles with modern twists and fabulous effects. Plaits come up in a number of looks and styles which means that every hair length is flexible for braided hairstyles. Our string of hairstyles is not only trendy but also very dainty as semi-updos are the most girlish hairstyles.braided-half-updo-hairstyles-2017Crown Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle

You have seen many crowns braid updo hairstyles in 2016. It’s the high time to try crown braid semi-updo hairstyles. They are also called halo plaits. This hairstyle idea creates a cute crown on the top of your head and you don’t even need to use special hair accessories to look festive. Just braid the top part of your hair into your favorite braid and finish it with a common semi-up hairstyle.

Awesome Updo Hairstyles to Try in 2017

Updos are the cutest and most feminine hairstyles that you can ever meet in fashion. They are perfect for those days when you are short on time but still want to avoid chaotic and carefree looks. Forget everything about the old-fashioned pony or bun hairstyles and open the doors for these awesome updo hairstyles in 2017.  We will give you more creative and innovative ideas on how to style your updos more beautifully.updo-hairstyles-2017Reverse Braid Updo Hairstyle

Braided hairstyles play a great role in our looks. They grab attention and tend to display our girlish style. If you have tried all the possible braided updo hairstyles then it’s the high time to experiment with this reverse braid updo. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle to update your high buns and look unique.

5 Popular Updo Hairstyles for Prom

When it comes to prom updo hairstyles, we meet some popular styles which are dominant in the fashion. Any woman who wants to look luxurious at a party rocks a gorgeous updo hairstyle. However, not all updos are in thing and some are just out of the style. Below we have collected the latest most popular updo hairstyles to inspire you for your festive looks.updo-hairstyles-2017Fishtail Braid Updo Hairstyle

Fishtail is the trendiest braided hairstyle at the moment. It is worn with a variety of updo hairstyles and tends to look quite festive. Stylists offer crown fishtail braid updos which have a romantic royal touch in them and go well with long hair. This hairstyle is a good idea if you have decided to go ahead with an elegant style and subtle makeup. It will keep your style sassy and will draw attention to your eyes and lips.

2017 Trendy Half-Up Hairstyles

We know half-updo is a limitless hairstyle idea with a huge versatility. But since every season offers its trends we are supposed to follow the trendiest half-up hairstyles for 2017. They are the modern solutions of the old versions and look more attractive in their rich, elegant and feminine effects. You are going to love everything about these hairstyles as they give you new hair styling ideas for prom and casual days.half-up-hairstyles-2017Bobby Pin Half-Up Hairstyle

One of my favorite hair styling tricks for 2017 is he use of bobby pins as main hair accessories. Today I often go for half-up hairstyles with the help of simple yet stylish bobby pins. They are combined with slicked back hairstyles and tend to grab attention. Here you see one fancy example of a bobby pin half-updo hairstyle which looks so sleek, cozy and classy. Applying some hair cream or oils on the crown part, you will enhance your hair color. Then use many bobby pins to secure top part hair on the back part. Keep the rest of hair loose and relaxed.

Spring 2017 Updo Hairstyles

Spring 2017 updo hairstyles are all about accessorized and embellished styles that have the fresh breathe of the season and the tender feminine touch. Posh fashion industries such as Alice + Olivia, Marchesa, and Alberta Ferretti prove that 2017 is the year of hair accessories. Here we’ll represent the best updo hairstyles which are going to be trendy in spring 2017. Get ready for the subtlest season.updo-hairstyles-2017Alice + Olivia: High Ponytail Hairstyle

The first hairdo for spring 2017 on our list is Alice + Olivia’s posh ponytail. It’s a trendy hairstyle for the moment especially with accessories such as golden or subtly jeweled. It’s recommended to beautify your high ponytails with glossy accessories which compliment your hair color. brunettes and redheads can make their choice between golden hues and lighter-haired women may go for silver accessories. They make your common ponytail hairstyles quite festive and flashy.

Cutest Curly Updo Hairstyles

Compared with straight hair curls are unruly and one can never guess how it will look after styling. Women with straight hair style their lock confidently. They get sleek, elegant and neat updos. Special for my curly-haired beauties here are the cutest curly updo hairstyles to consider for casual days and prom nights. If you look for modern updo hairstyle for your curls, then don’t miss this article.curly-updo-hairstyles-2017High Curly Bun Hairstyle

An effortless and convenient updo hairstyle for frizzy and messy hair is the trendy high bun. Today it is paired with stylish headbands or scarves, which serve as headbands. They look so girlish and attractive. This is one of the most favorite styles for the majority of curly-haired women who want to keep their curls out of the face. Of course, it’s easier to go for a short haircut for a cozy effect, but if you like your long curls, then embrace them with this cute hairdo.

New Sleek Updo Hairstyles

Sleek hairstyles are tight, convenient and classic. They help you to keep all hair out of the face and rock a cool makeup. There are several types of posh sleek updo hairstyles some of which are represented below. If you like the most elegant hairstyle type then be admired by our collection. We are going to discuss the newest sleek hairstyles combined with updos.sleek-updo-hairstyles-2017Sleek French Twist Updo Hairstyle

For women looking for a formal and fancy updo hairstyle the sleek French twist is a good choice. It is beautiful in messy styles too, but if you are planning to wear it for a special occasion, you’d better opt for the sleek version. It goes well with medium to long hair and looks better with sleek side parted bangs. Try to bring your hair to a possible straight and frizz-free state in order to perfect this French twist.

Elegant Updo Hairstyles with Braids

Whether it’s your traditional three-strand braid or a French, fishtail plait, it’s the high time to use all the possible versions to get new hairstyles. Plaits are all the rage these days and they are often combined with elegant updo hairstyles. After reading this article, you will learn the best way of getting cute updos with braids and changing up your ordinary old-fashioned hair into a better one.braided-updo-hairstyles-2017Braided Bun Hairstyle

Common and traditional ballerina bun hairdos are taken to the next level. Today they are beautified with lovely braids, which grab much attention. It’s a neat and classic hairstyle for long tresses.

Posh Chignon Hairstyle Ideas

The elegant chignon is an easy hairstyle idea to choose when you need to get a fast neat look. It comes for help when you don’t know how to style hair daintily and beautifully. It is a polished hairdo for prom and parties but many prefer to wear it as a classic office-ready hairstyle too. However, there are different types and styles of chignon hairstyles about which we will speak below. Take your combs, brushes, bobby pins and hair products and sit in front of the mirror to start.chignon-hairstyles-2017Side Chignon Hairstyle

Side chignons are youthful and effortless hairstyles for medium to long hair. They grab attention thanks to their asymmetrical shape created at the nape. This hairstyle can be your ultimate date night hairdo or a prom glam which you can pair with subtle face framing waves.