Celebrity Looks: Casual Hairstyle Ideas

Paparazzi never has rest when celebrities are on the streets with their casual looks, outfits, makeups and hairstyles. Well, we are used to see them in prom-ready, festive and luxurious looks but what do they wear in everyday life? This time we will find out the most popular casual hairstyles from celebrities. You’ll surely love some of their looks and will try for your casual and lazy days.Celebrity Looks Casual Hairstyle Ideas 2017Shailene Woodley Short Casual Hairstyle

It seems as if Shailene Woodley feels more convenient and confident in short haircuts than in long hairstyles because her hair is thick enough and it takes long for styling when it’s long. So, her short casual hairstyles are generally polished and classy but she likes to add some messy touches time to time. If you want to try a short haircut then copy Shailene Woodley’s pixie cut and style it the way she styles for casual days.Shailene woodley short casual hairstyle 2017Margot Robbie Half-Knot Hairstyle

When the sophisticated and chic half-knot hairstyle became a huge hair trend Margot Robbie knew that it’s the thing she had always wanted for her casual looks. This stunner combines shaggy half-knot hairstyles with loose face framing waves, which look even nicer in blonde shades. She wears it even with classy outfits and natural makeups.Margot Robbie half knot hairstyle 2017Cara Delevingne Long Messy Layers

Cara Delevingne’s number one casual hairstyle idea is the long messy style with loose waves. She wears it with trendy hats and makeups, which draw more attention. Her key to a perfect hairstyle is hidden behind the hair colors she wears. They are mainly in neutral bronde, nude blonde or dirty blonde tones, which enhance her natural beauty.cara delevingne long messy casual hairstyle 2017Jessica Alba Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Jessica Alba’s most favorite casual hairstyle is the medium wavy style. She pulls off either beach waves or voluminous relaxed waves on her medium brown hair. She often plays with balayage and ombre hair colors, which keep her hairstyles trendy and fresh even when they are messy. This hairdo goes well with all styles and outfits and frames her cute face so daintily.Jessica Alba loose waves hairstyle 2017Kim Kardashian Casual Bun Hairstyle

The list would be incomplete without Kim Kardashian as her casual looks are always in the center of attention. In spite of the fact that paparazzi doesn’t give her a rest she is always confident with her everyday looks and hairstyle choices. Kim’s signature hairdo is the high and cozy bun hairstyle. She wears it with sleek finishes for special days but prefers keeping it messy and loose for casual days.Kim Kardashian casual bun hairstyle 2017