Hair Color Trends 2017

Every year we open the doors for new and shinier hair color trends. This time the turn is for the latest hair color trends for 2017. Our team has done a comprehensive research to find out the most beautiful and fashionable hair colors for all complexions and eye hues. All you need is just picking up the right tone for your locks. Don’t be messed up in the variety of old-fashioned hues. Try the recent innovative and attractive hair color Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Replace your black hair with warm dark chocolate brown hair color to enjoy the real charm of shiny locks. While black hair hide the shine of your strands the fresh chocolate brown highlights not only it shine but also healthy and luscious nature. This trendy shade of brown is ideal for tanned complexions, warm undertones and olive skin tones. It looks natural with dark brown eyes but can easily draw attention to light eyes.chocolate-brown-hair-color-2017Espresso Brown Hair Color

Although espresso is a darker shade of brown but it ideally works with dark and olive skin tones. This hair color tends to bring additional shine to dark strands. It enriches any dark base hair color making it nicer and more beautiful. If you have naturally dark tresses and want to update it with another tone of brown then espresso is the right shade for you. If you like, you can even highlight it with a bit light tones.espresso-brown-hair-color-2017Ash Coffee Brown Hair Color

Between ash brown hair colors this tone is the most popular and requested one. It works well with most complexions from dark to light and compliments both light and dark eye hues. The best thing about ash coffee brown is that it makes hair softer and a bit lighter. Many brunettes go for ash brown hues to lighten up their hair.ash-coffee-brown-hair-color-2017Golden Brown Hair Color

There are light and dark tones of golden brown which call for different complexions. This means that each can soften her hair color with the right hue of golden brown making her hairstyles glossier and fresher. Golden brown hair colors perfectly sparkle under the sunny rays. If you can’t decide between other shades of brown, then try the golden one and feel the energy that it provides to your hair.golden-brown-hair-color-2017Natural Ombre Hair Color

Actually natural ombre hair colors have become very demanded. The reason is that they are subtle and make hair eye-catching. In order to get an ideal natural ombre effect on your hair you should use natural tones of brown and blonde for the roots and tips. Try to choose the hues that look like the same as your skin tone and eye hue. Many stylist recommend to go for nude effects as they are the most exquisite and seductive styles for 2017.natural-ombre-hair-color-2017Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

So, lets pass to trendy blonde hair colors for 2017. The first shade is the natural flaxen blonde. Not every blonde-haired beauty is blessed with this neutral and natural tone of blonde which looks so classic. It can be achieved on blonde hair giving it more tenderness and prettiness. Women with light to medium skin tones can opt for this ravishing flaxen blonde hair color in 2017 to get an awesome reflection of the natural touch.flaxen-blonde-hair-color-2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color

It seems as if platinum blonde doesn’t want to leave us. We are glad that it’s again on the top listed hair color trends for 2017. Lately platinum blondes are either too light; closer to white blondes, or somehow yellowish. This means that there are several available tones of platinum blonde to make your choice between. You can match it with dark and light skin tones.platinum-blonde-hair-color-2017Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde is a shine-free yet sophisticated hair color which looks awesome with medium sin tones. However we sometimes meet olive-skinned celebrities and models in ash blonde hair colors. It’s going to be one of the most required light blonde hair colors for 2017. You can combine it with dark roots for a better result. Ash blonde hair is perfect with green or blue eyes.ash-blonde-hair-color-2017Ginger Hair Color

Rich ginger hair colors with strawberry blonde touches are the most natural-looking red shades in the fashion industry. Many choose this hair color to look like true redheads. But it compliments particular skin tones and eyes. Light and sunny tones of ginger work well with light skin tones and rosy undertones. They look better with light eyes. Try to be quite careful before dying your hair in this lavishing hue.ginger-hair-color-2017Copper Hair Color

Soothing between dark and light red hair colors is the copper shade. This warm, hot and fiery red hair color is now on the stress of New York, Milan, Paris and London. It’s worn with medium skin tones and light eyes and looks awesome on short haircuts and curls. Copper is one of the freshet red hair colors with so much attractiveness in it.copper-hair-color-2017Marsala Red Hair Color

Take the biggest dark red hair color trend for 2017 under the name Marsala. It looks like the same burgundy hair color as both have the cool wine-y touch in them, but Marsala is deeper and richer. It’s for dark-skinned women who dream of having red mane. Light-skinned ladies can also experiment with dark Marsala red hair color to bring out their skin tone.marsala-hair-color-2017Pink Hair Color

The cotton candy pink is now considered as a common hair color idea. It is not a bold and too vibrant shade to make you unusual. Moreover, women with pink hair are very girlish and feminine. There are rose gold, pastel and platinum tones of pink that look either shiny enough or shine-free. The choice is up to you.pastel-pink-hair-color-2017Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Nowadays multi-tone hair colors are available not only for blondes but also for brunettes and redheads. Anyone can rock rainbow and other edgy highlights on her hair according to her hair length, type, texture and style. Since there are endless options of multi-tone colored hairstyles, we recommend you to pick a combination of hues with the help of your stylist.multi-tone-hair-colors-2017Granny Hair Trend

Finally here is the granny hair trend to inspire you for your next fancy looks. Many of us are familiar with the monotone grey hair colors, but a few know that the latest granny hair trends are all about multi-dimensional tones, richer combinations and more creative styles. They are worn with sparkling highlights, dark roots and light tips or in super festive hairstyles. Granny hair is going to be one of the favorite styles among young ladies.granny-hair-trend-2017