20 Hottest Hairstyles for 2017

Discover your ultimate hairstyle inspiration and find out new ideas to style your hair prettier and fancier. Check out the 20 hottest hairstyles for 2017 from short to extra-long. You’ll find a cool haircut or hairstyle trend for your hair type, texture and face shape. Many stylists offer this string of hairstyles as the latest trends inspired by celebrity looks.hairstyle trends 2017 Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

Between so many pixie haircuts choose the shaggy options it’s the trendiest of all pixie hairstyles. This haircut goes well with most face shapes if you choose the right structure for it. Ask your hairstylist for the right pixie cut and go for the trendiest hairstyles in 2017. In order to style it into shaggy hairstyle you should use volumizing hair sprays and the like.Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle 2017Short Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hair colors are taken to the next hot level. They are combined with short haircuts and look very beautiful. Dark roots with short and light tips are cute and more interesting than longer ombre hairstyles. Besides, light tips make short hair look a bit longer and softer. If that’s all you need for your current short haircut then pick up a nice shade of ombre for your locks.Short Ombre Hairstyle 2017Messy Bob Hairstyle

Like the shaggy pixie hairstyles messy bobs are also trendy hairdos to try in 2017. They come up with a number of pretty shapes and look more voluminous with messy touches, which you can get by blow drying and with the help of hair sprays. This hairstyle is a big trend among stylish girls and old women who want to look younger.Messy Bob Hairstyle 2017Short Sleek Hairstyle

Another cool way to style short hair is taking into account sleek finishes. They provide with elegant and soft hairstyles ready for prom nights and parties. Women like neat hairstyles, which draw attention to their classy looks. In case of having short pixie or bob haircut you can easily get this hairdo for your cool office looks.Short Sleek Hairstyle 2017Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Do you have a trendy long bob haircut? Let’s style it into waves more often in 2017 as loose and lovely waves make this haircut very feminine, sophisticated and charming. It’s the perfect length for many wavy hairstyles. you may get relaxed waves by braiding, twisting or just curling.Wavy Lob Hairstyle 2017Medium Layered Haircut

Seeking for a hotter haircut? Go ahead with a stylish medium layered haircut in 2017 and spice up your look. Combine it with bangs and say goodbye to damaged tips. In order to embrace your new haircut you should wear super straight, messy or curly hairstyles inspired by the latest models. This will change the structure of your haircut.Medium Layered Haircut 2017Box Braids for Short Hair

Who says box braids are cool only on long hair? Choose them for shorter haircuts and enjoy the advantage of having a cozy and trendy style thanks to a single hairstyle idea. Bob haircuts become neat and fancy with box braids and matching accessories. This bog hair trend is popular among black women who have natural hair and want to make it look neater.Box Braids for Short HairUndercut for Women

Yes, it’s a male haircut but women also wear it to stand out in the crowd. Today we see many females rocking short undercuts with braided hairstyle in light and crazy hair colors. The secret to a soft undercut is hidden behind the styling tips and hair colors you choose. One side of this haircut is shaved that’s why it grabs so much attention.  Undercut for Women 2017Asymmetrical Haircut

Everyone knows that asymmetrical haircuts are possible to get on any hair length but the recent asymmetrical haircut trends for 2017 are in short styles. I recommend you to go for a unique asymmetrical haircut and then dye your hair in a trendy shade like silver, platinum blonde or rainbow. Depending on your preferences you can also play with multi-tone hair colors and highlights to display the structure of your uneven cut.Asymmetrical Haircut 2017Bangs Haircuts

Various types of bangs are ready to beautify your haircuts. They are in style for 2017 and will change up many looks. From the softest wispy bangs to the boldest messy fringe there are possible versions to match with your hair. This is the easiest way of wearing a new style in 2017. If you have decided to try something new then start with your bangs.Bangs Haircuts 2017Extra-Long Hairstyle

The latest runway looks give us the idea that extra-long hairstyles and hair extensions will be the part of our super seductive and feminine looks this year. All long-haired beauties will stand out in the crowd with their sleek, soft wavy or slicked back hairstyles. Try finger waves for prom nights and crazy curls for night parties if you have long healthy hair.Extra-Long HairstyleSlicked Back Hairstyle

Bold and classic hairstyle combinations always provide us with gorgeous looks. They are both edgy and elegant and that’s the reason why they become so popular. Slicked back hairstyles work well with any hair length and tend to become the best party hairstyles due to the majority of celebs. Try it once and you’ll feel so comfy and confident at the same time.Slicked Back HairstyleHalf-Knot Hairstyle

The turn is for updo hairstyles. If you want to look stylish you should not miss several updo hairstyles. One of them is the half-knot worn on short and long tresses. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it keeps front strands out of the face and draws attention thanks to the knot placed on the top.Half-Knot Hairstyle 2017Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Special for business women there is the classic low ponytail hairstyle for any occasion. It is ideal for office looks and official meetings. You can choose it for your late mornings and whenever you find no time for proper hair styling. A quick sleek ponytail can solve the problem of having a neat look.Low Ponytail HairstyleBombshell Waves Hairstyle

Victoria’s Secret’s models prompt us that the ultimate wavy hairstyles are bombshell waves. They are bedhead hairdos with messy effects and voluminous finishes. These capturing hairstyles will emphasize your femininity. They go well with naturally wavy and messy hair but can be worn on long and medium thick tresses too.bombshell waves hairstyle 2017Braided Updo Hairstyle

What if a braided updo is the right hairstyle for your wedding day? Stylish brides inspire us with fancy braided updo hairstyles, which create great matching with wedding gowns and accessories. These hairstyles come up with a number of looks and designs for different hair types and lengths.braided updo 2017Messy Braids Hairstyle

Add a pop of interest to your casual days with messy braided hairstyles. They are either fishtails, Dutch braids or French plaits. The choice depends on your hair length and taste. However, the trendiest braided hairstyles are side plaits. They are youthful and very feminine.messy braids hairstyle 2017Double Braids Hairstyle

Afro-American women know how to inspire us with their hairstyles. Nowadays the tight pigtail braids with French technique shave become the cutest hairstyles for long and medium-haired girls. They are awesome especially on ombre hair colors and highlighted locks.double braids hairstyle 2017Faux Braid Undercut Hairstyle

Another creative solution for your party looks is styling your hair into faux undercut braids. They are worn on long hair to bring out the edgy effect of the undercut. These undercuts are achieved with the help of tight braids styled on one side of long hair.faux braid undercut hairstyle 2017Low Sleek Bun Hairstyle

What concerns sleek bun hairstyles, they are the coolest and classiest hairdos that you can style in a few minutes with hair gels and sprays. If you have oily hair then the result will be more delightful. You’ll easily get sleek bun hairstyles on greasy hair. They are perfect with edgy makeups. sleek bun hairstyle 2017