2017 Short Haircuts in Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre is a fantastic hair coloring method for different hair lengths. If you have short hair, you can still experiment with delightful ombre hair colors. The result is generally eye-catching and unique. Dark roots along with lighter tips will give you the desired harmonious combination of hues. There are various glamorous ombre shades to opt for your short bob, pixie or asymmetrical haircut. Check out these short ombre hairstyles for 2017 and decide your ultimate hair color idea.short ombre hairstyles 2017Short Ombre Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircuts give you enough hair length for lovely ombre hair colors. Here you see trendy options of ombre hair colors for bob cuts. The best ombre hair colors for short bobs are classic dark brown to warm blonde hues. Opt for the tones that flatter your current hair color and go well with your skin tone. Choose a stunning combination that looks fresh and glamorous. This looks like rather dip dying than ombre but the final effect is much closer to ombre.short ombre bob hairstyle for 2017

short pixie ombre 2017short ombre bob for 2017

short ombre bob hairstyle 2017Short Ombre Pixie Hairstyles

Do you have a short pixie haircut? It certainly needs a soft touch with a new hair color. Try a cute ombre shake keeping the roots dark and lightening up only the tips. Take examples from stylish celebrities who rock pixie hairstyles in ombre hair colors. You will get an astonishing and delightful image. The boyish and harsh touch is easily broken down with two-tone hair colors. You are going to inspire many women with your brand new hairstyle. Pair it with spiky, messy, shaggy and wavy hairstyles. In case you have bangs, you can lighten the tips of the bangs too.short pixie ombre 2017

short ombre pixie 2017Short Edgy Ombre Hairstyles

Besides the classic ombre hair colors there are also edgy shades to match with short haircuts. Among trendy edgy haircuts, you can find black to green, black to blue, dark brown to red as well as blonde to pastel and other hair color combinations for 2017. The brighter your hair color the more eye-catching you’ll look. Just keep in mind that when the thing is about bold ombre hair colors and short haircuts you need to consult with a professional hair colorist not to fail the wanted effect. Make the wisest choice and enjoy your new hairstyle. A few people take the risk to go for short haircuts and dye them in ombre hair colors. So, be the first of your friends to try it.short pastel ombre 2017

short ombre hairstyle 2017