Hottest Hairstyles for Lob Haircuts 2017

The trendy lob haircuts for 2017 are my favorite styles. It suits most face shapes and looks attractive in different hairstyles. While bobs are short and not always look good with various hair types, lobs go well with any hair type. Have a look at these hot hairstyle ideas for lob haircuts 2017. Opt for a new cut and style it into trendy hairstyles.Hottest Hairstyles for Lob Haircuts 2017Straight Middle-Part Lob Haircut

Straight and sleek hairstyles are clay. They look attractive in any length of hair. Straight lob haircuts are the most elegant medium hairstyles for the moment. They are combined with center parting and look awesome in ombre shades.How to Style: Start with clean hair. Apply hair protective cream from the top to the tips and flat iron. Once you are done with the super straight look, you can then pass on to the middle parting. Create it with a thin-toothed comb and fix the look with light hair spray.

Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Relaxed waves are all you need for your casual lob haircut. Of course there are different wavy hairstyles to pair with medium haircut but here you see a chic and casual option with loose waves.How to Style: First make your hair voluminous with special sprays. Then use a blow drier for additional messiness. Messy waves are more natural-looking and seductive. Once you are done with the volume, use hair curling tools particularly curling irons. If you have natural waves, you’ll get the desired result quicker. Finish with side parting and hair spray.

Finger Waves for Lob Haircut

And here is a festive lob hairstyle for prom nights and parties. While loose and messy waves are casual finger waves are polished and go well with elegant outfits. So, you can use them as your formal hair styling ideas.wavy lob haircut 2017How to Style: Finger waves are achieved by special styling techniques but stylists have found other ways to get them too. Ask for the most suitable styling tip for your hair texture.  Match it with side parting and keep as polished as possible with the help of hair spray.

Lob Haircut with Bangs

Bangs can change your look into a better and trendier one. What if your lob haircut is too simple to grab attention? If your face shape allows you to go for bangs then choose the most suitable option and ask your stylist for that special look.How to Style: The best bangs for lob haircuts are blunt, straight, wispy, center parted, side swept and asymmetrical. Choose the bang haircut that flatters you most of all and combine it with the right hairstyles.