Latest Bob Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Fashion trends are changeable and nothing is forever but there are timeless hairstyles that always look stylish and just need updates. One of them is the bob haircut. It is a versatile style that’s why we see it each season with modern twists and fancier touches. If you have decided to wear a trendy bob haircut in 2017 then keep on reading because below you’ll see the most attractive styles of the seductive bob haircut.bob hairstyles 2017Shag Bob Hairstyle

Lately shaggy hairstyles have become big trends. They are combined with any hair length and tend to make hair more interesting. Women with thin tresses choose shaggy bob haircuts to add visual fullness and thickness to their locks. These hairstyles look beautiful even in their natural look but if you have super straight hair you can use special products to achieve the messiness. Layers and bangs can also help to get the shag.  shag bob haircut runway 2017Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Those who look for a cool bob haircut with the Cleopatra touch in it, here is the straight style with blunt bangs. It is a perfect haircut for thick hair and makes your face quite mysterious. You can keep your hair color in a monotone shade and enjoy its shine on this short and fresh haircut. Just use a flat iron for super straight effect. Blunt bangs go well with large foreheads and oval face shapes.bob haircut with blunt bangs 2017Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Need a breathe of creativity? What about an asymmetrical haircut? it’s able to provide you with an unique touch and bring out your personal taste. Besides, asymmetrical bob haircuts are sometimes the best solutions for several face shapes. They frame the face on one part and keep the other part quite short. The combination looks fascinating.asymmetrical bob haircut 2017Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

In order to make a bob haircut softer, subtler and more feminine stylists offer to add it side swept bangs. This trend comes from the posh Asian style and continues to capture many hearts with its cuteness. You can wear bob haircuts with different bang styles but believe in me, side swept bangs are the most beautiful and fashionable ones for bob cuts. They go well both with straight and wavy hair.bob haircut with side swept bangs 2017Wavy Bob Hairstyle

There is something very feminine and elegant in wavy bob hairstyles. Women with this hairstyle grab attention and strand out in the crowd with their glamorous look. Such a cute hairstyle is able to soften any face shape and display cool facial features. Wavy bobs are easy to get both with the help of curling tools and styling products. If you have naturally wavy hair then you can easily rock a trendy bob style in 2017.wavy bob haircut 2017