2017 Fab Hair Styling Ideas for Medium Cuts

Not sure how to style your medium hair for prom? Check out these fabulous hairstyles for medium hair for 2017. Spice up your midi haircut with cute waves, lovely curls or go for super straight to look classy. Choose the trendiest hairstyle ideas for the most feminine hair length. Make us fall in love with your delightful look.2017 Fab Hair Styling Ideas for Medium CutsFinger Waves for Medium Hair

Lately I have watched a video on how to achieve modern finger waves on short and medium hair. The most fascinating part about it was that it’s effortless and looks so luxurious. Medium haircuts with finger waves are amazing. This style is a prom-ready and ideal one for 2017.How to Style: First make your hair straight and then apply hair protective cream. While many stylists use the old-fashioned methods for vintage waves, professional designers and hairstylist from Victoria’s Secret recommend getting the same effects by flat irons.  You need to have hair styling skills to get perfectly polished and beautiful finger waves.

Medium Hairstyle with Braids

Different braided hairstyles can be combined with medium haircuts. The most popular braid, however, is the French plait worn on the top part. It can be paired with a half top knot if you have decided to stand out with your stunning look. This hairstyle is a girlish and nice version of medium braided hairdos.How to Style: Divide your hair on the top and back part and focus on the crown part locks. Use the French braiding method to get a small and stylish braid on the top and secure it with elastic. Comb the sides and go for loose waves or straighten.

Side Curly Updo for Medium Hair

In order to have a posh and elegant look this evening, try a side curly updo hairstyle on medium tresses. Updos are the best hairdos for prom nights and luxurious parties. They complete your feminine style and add more interest to your elegant look.How to Style: Start styling with heating tools. First apply or rub hair protective cream and spray light hair spray. Then get loose curls all over your hair section by section. Once you are done with the curls, pull all to one side and create a messy low bun hairstyle. Secure with bobby pins. Make your bangs straight and polished.

Beachy Waves for Medium Hair

Beachy waves are the most popular hairstyles these days. They are easy-to-do and lovely hairdos for casual days. Long-haired women spend much time on styling, while medium cuts give you the chance to get the charming waves quicker.How to Style: There are several ways to get beach waves but the easiest versions are as follows. Use curling tools, flat irons or hair styling products. Go for loose and messy waves dividing your hair in several equal parts. Shake your head at the end and fix the waves with your fingers. Finish with light hair spray.

Medium Straight Sleek Hairstyle

Finally here is the classiest hairstyle idea for shoulder-length hair. It’s the lovely sleek and straight hairdo beautified with boho inspired chain. According to your taste and interests you can embellish your hairdo with any hair accessory you like. This hairstyle is great even without embellishments.How to Style:  Use hair protective cream and flat iron to get super straight hairstyle. Women with frizzy hair can also refer to the help of blow drier and matching brush. Once you are done, go for middle parting and wear this cute chain on the top part.