Hottest Middle Part Braided Hairstyles

There are two types of middle part braided hairstyles. The first style is reflected just on the top and central part of the head and the other style separates hair into two equal parts by the middle line drawn on the top. Both are stylish and grab attention. These are, probably one of the boldest braided hairstyles that celebrities love so much. They are inspired by the latest catwalk looks.middle-part-braided-hairstyles-2017Middle-Part Braided Updo Hairstyle

Have a look at this trendy copper shades braided updo hairstyle. It is achieved by a deep middle parting and cool Dutch braids. You can chose it instead of the popular milkmaid braid. This trick will surely make your hair edgier and flashier. It looks both classic and elegant and can be chosen as a festive and party hairdo. Pair it with edgy makeups and subtle accessories.

5 Ponytail Hairstyles to Copy Now

Updated and more fashionable ponytail hairstyles are taken to the next level these days. Instead of the high, polished and tight pony hairdos, you should style loose, low, medium, side and side parted ponytails to look stylish. Here we have collected 5 new ponytail hairstyles that you can try now and consider in for 2017. Refresh your old pony hairdos with a modern twist and breathe.  ponytail-hairstyles-2017Sleek Side Ponytail Hairstyle

There are effortless ponytail hairstyles that look so polished, classic and beautiful. One of them is the trendy sleek side parted pony with a shiny elegance in it. This hairstyle is a good one for office looks and sophisticated neat women.

5 Trendy Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Get ready for a major inspiration as today we are going to discuss the 5 trendiest hairstyle ideas for 2017. Among millions of looks and hairstyles, we have chosen these main trends that role the fashion world. They are the most requested styles for the moment and are going to be the most dominant options in 2017. It’s the high time to meet your perfect haircut and hairstyle which will display your true charm. So, let’s start!trendy-hairstyles-2017Short Curly Pixie Haircut

Even if your hair is straight, try to take it to the next level with curly styles. Short curly hairstyles are cuter and more eye-catching. They hold the desired feminine prettiness and break down any harshness on boyish cuts.  You can also think of a new and subtler hair color for your shot cut. Use hair curling tools, curl-shaping sprays and gels for this amazing result. Keep it sassy, chic and natural looking.

Runway Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

From the fresh pixies to classic bob cuts, short hair has taken as to the next level of beauty hacks and brave solutions in our looks. Thanks to inspiring models and celebrities today, we know how to deal with this style to make it as versatile as possible. However, things are always complicated when it comes to bridal looks. In this case, we need something more luxurious, attractive, feminine and flashy. So, there are perfect runway inspired wedding hairstyles for short hair that seem to be the best options for short-haired brides. Here they are!wedding-hairstyles-for-short-hair-2017Short Hair with Headband

Any kind of short pixie haircut can immediately become festive and eye-catching with a stylish headband. Of course, you need to pick a headband that works with your gown, hair color and makeup. If you have dark hair then you are welcome to rock purely white headband with flowers. Women with light blonde or red hair may go for jeweled headbands.

Cutest Prom Curly Hairstyles

Usually curly-haired women understand that finding a new prom hairstyle inspiration is not an easy task. Some prefer to straighten their hair to look different, eye-catching and classier for special occasions. Instead of damaging your hair by heating and straightening, you can find cool prom curly hairstyles to embrace your curls and highlight your natural beauty. Here I have collected the best hairstyles for curly locks. Find your next inspiration.curly-hairstyles-2017Curly Updo for Wedding

The first hairstyle is devoted to future brides who are in search of posh updo hairdos for their incredibly stunning look for their big day. The trick to this hairstyle is gently gathering all curls in a voluminous and big updo with many small bobby pins. In order to keep bobby pins and the curls in place finish it with hair spray.

SS 2017 Hairstyles: Runway Looks

The recent beauty looks seen at SS 2017 runway shows hit both low and high extremes. We saw so many constricting styling solutions that we can say that 2017 is the year of both no-hair hair and wow-hair trends with retro touches and extravagant twists. There are ideal examples of natural looks and eye-catching solutions for posh effects. Here are the latest runway hairstyle trends for SS 2017. Look what designers choose to enhance the beauty of their fancy models.hairstyles-2017Rochas SS 2017: Retro Bangs

What we have seen during Rochas Spring-Summer 2017 show was all about the huge comeback of the vintage style with short rounded bangs and monotone pieces of outfits and simple makeups. These stylish bangs look beautiful with long and medium wavy hairstyles and make them more than eye grabbing. Women who are tired of the same blunt bangs may shorten them and get this cozy style, which will partially hide the forehead. It is better to combine short retro bangs with fresh and shiny brown, blonde and ginger hair colors.

Kylie Jenner’s Latest Hairstyles

Of all the celebrity looks the most copied and lovely styles are Kardashian sisters’ styles. They rock the most fashionable outfits, shoes, accessories, hair colors, hairstyles, haircuts and makeups. Any woman who starts thinking of new makeup and hairstyle solutions meets these attractive women’s lifestyle tips and tricks. Today we have collected Kylie Jenner’s latest hairstyles from her Facebook page to inspire you for your fall and winter looks. Check out these trendy haircuts and hairstyle as well as hair colors to know what’s in thing these days among luxurious celebs.kylie-jenner-hairstyles-2017Kylie Jenner’s Short Blunt Bob Haircut

This big fan of long hairstyles one day decided to chop off her tresses and go for a short blunt bob haircut. Her dark hair color makes it classy and beautiful. While many love blonde Kylie some go mad for her black hair colors as they bring out her mysterious facial expression and look very harmonious with her skin tone. This bob can serve as an office hairstyle for many of us as it’s straight, neat and quite elegant.

Popular Short Haircuts for Women

Instead of judging women with short haircuts, you just need to live you’re your life and enjoy your own style. Nowadays short haircuts for women are more popular than any other style in the fashion. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should change your haircut. So, many chop off their locks and get super short haircuts. They change their entire style, bring out their real charm or just highlight their face shape and facial features as well as emphasize their brave character.short-haircuts-2017 Remember the quote “once a woman changes her haircut she’ll then change her lifestyle”. A new radical change in your appearance can do miracles for you. If your hair type and texture allows you to rock a trendy bob or pixie haircut then choose one of these hairstyles in 2017. Consult with your stylist to make sure you have picked the right cut for your face shape. Every face shape calls for a special structure of haircut.

Spring 2017 Updo Hairstyles

Spring 2017 updo hairstyles are all about accessorized and embellished styles that have the fresh breathe of the season and the tender feminine touch. Posh fashion industries such as Alice + Olivia, Marchesa, and Alberta Ferretti prove that 2017 is the year of hair accessories. Here we’ll represent the best updo hairstyles which are going to be trendy in spring 2017. Get ready for the subtlest season.updo-hairstyles-2017Alice + Olivia: High Ponytail Hairstyle

The first hairdo for spring 2017 on our list is Alice + Olivia’s posh ponytail. It’s a trendy hairstyle for the moment especially with accessories such as golden or subtly jeweled. It’s recommended to beautify your high ponytails with glossy accessories which compliment your hair color. brunettes and redheads can make their choice between golden hues and lighter-haired women may go for silver accessories. They make your common ponytail hairstyles quite festive and flashy.

Low Bun Hairstyles from Runway

Any girl always seeks for a quick, effortless and low-maintenance hairstyle at least one in a week. Instead of complicated and too luxurious hairstyles you just need a cute low bun with a modern twist. So, get your inspiration from these runway looks rocking low bun hairstyles. For the last few seasons bun has become one of the trendiest hairstyles that look so fresh, elegant, glamorous and chic. Here are the best examples.bun-hairstyles-2017Low Loose Bun Hairstyle

My most favorite low bun hairstyle is the following loose romantic hairdo. It’s a cute hairstyle to wear for date nights and at the office. It’s face framing strands look soft and highlight feminine features.