Golden Globes 2017: Hottest Celebrity Updo Hairstyles

Leaving alone all the discussions about the best and worst looks, we’ll be inspired by the hottest celebrity updo hairstyles at the Golden Globes 2017.  Check out your favorite looks with subtler and more fascinating hairdos. Choose prom hairstyles for your upcoming parties. These lovely celebs show us how we should style our medium and long strands into elegant hairdos. Be the first of your friends to find out the latest trendy styles.Golden Globes 2017: Hottest Celebrity Updo HairstylesBlake Lively’s Updo Hairstyle

Look at this hot and charming actress. It’s Blake Lively in a capturing velvet dress from Atelier Versace with gilded Swarovski crystal chainmail embellishment. The black shade of her dress draws attention to her light hair color. This is one her best elegant looks. She is so luxurious in that tight French twist updo mixed with some messiness.

Amazing Short Hairstyles

2017 has a lot to offer for the biggest fans of short hairstyles. Of course there are many traditional and common hair styling tips for short cuts but this time we’ll focus on the latest most amazing hairstyles hat go well with sort cuts. Once you leave your comfort zone and discover new hairdos you start thinking out of the box and do your best to opt for more creative styling options flattering your hair length.shot haircuts 2017Faux Side Braid Undercut for Bob

If you have a short bob haircut, which is too simple and sleek for you there is the striking and eye-catching side faux braid undercut hairstyle for you to try in 2017. This innovative and interesting hairstyle goes well with short pixie cuts too. It’s an awesome way to impress people. While others shave or cut off their side hair you can get the same effect with tight braids. Choose it as a party hairstyle idea.

2017 Fab Hair Styling Ideas for Medium Cuts

Not sure how to style your medium hair for prom? Check out these fabulous hairstyles for medium hair for 2017. Spice up your midi haircut with cute waves, lovely curls or go for super straight to look classy. Choose the trendiest hairstyle ideas for the most feminine hair length. Make us fall in love with your delightful look.2017 Fab Hair Styling Ideas for Medium CutsFinger Waves for Medium Hair

Lately I have watched a video on how to achieve modern finger waves on short and medium hair. The most fascinating part about it was that it’s effortless and looks so luxurious. Medium haircuts with finger waves are amazing. This style is a prom-ready and ideal one for 2017.

Hottest Hairstyles for Lob Haircuts 2017

The trendy lob haircuts for 2017 are my favorite styles. It suits most face shapes and looks attractive in different hairstyles. While bobs are short and not always look good with various hair types, lobs go well with any hair type. Have a look at these hot hairstyle ideas for lob haircuts 2017. Opt for a new cut and style it into trendy hairstyles.Hottest Hairstyles for Lob Haircuts 2017Straight Middle-Part Lob Haircut

Straight and sleek hairstyles are clay. They look attractive in any length of hair. Straight lob haircuts are the most elegant medium hairstyles for the moment. They are combined with center parting and look awesome in ombre shades.

Incredible Long Hairstyle Ideas

Any hairstylist can offer you millions of hairstyles if you have long hair. It’s the best state for cool experiments and creative hairstyles. From the classiest hairdos to the most interesting solutions you can always find the desired hairstyle according to your taste and preferences. Now, check out these incredible long hairstyles take care of your luscious hair type.Long Layered Hairstyle

Extra-long hair demands much care than any other hair length and type. Layers come for help when you want to refresh your tresses. This trick works well especially with straight hair. If your hair is straight, update it with layers keeping the length so ravishing and sleek. Side and center parting are the best and easiest styles that you can combine with it.

Beautiful Bangs Haircuts 2017

Looking for a modern way to spice up your look and hairstyle? What about stylish bangs? Create a ravishing look with soft, heavy, side swept or wispy bangs hairstyles in 2017. The following beautiful bangs will inspire you to go for subtler haircuts and hairstyles. Just have a look and decide whether you need an update with bangs or something more. Sometimes bangs are all you need for a better look.Shaggy Bangs Hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyles look complete with shaggy bangs. Taking into account the fact that 2017 is the year of messy hairdos and haircuts we offer to combine your new style with matching bangs. Any type of fringe can become very cute in messiness and additional softness. Use the same technique as for the rest of your hair to get messy bangs. You can get it by hair sprays and volumizing gels.

Short Box Braids Hairstyles

Whatever your haircut you’ll always try box braids if you are a black women. It is simply gorgeous how short haircuts become so popular for women of all hair types and tastes. Among them we meet stylish short box braids hairstyles, which are typical to Afro-American women.  The majority of those stunners wear box braids on short haircuts to look classic and neater as well as to keep control over messy strands. Today box braids are among the most popular and requested hairstyles for bob haircuts. There are several cool options and styles that look so fresh and astounding. short-box-braids-for-2017The most common way to get a fancy style is to go for a weave or wig. Wearing wigs out of natural hair is very stylish and attractive. Another way to get it is going for a relaxed cut. You can boost relaxed locks for a long period of time. Besides, it gives you more styling opportunities. But while natural hairstyles demand more care, box braids are low-maintenance and look tidy. With the help of the right braiding technique you will get this awesome result on your short hair. Below you see the latest looks with short box braids. Consider some of the versions to use in 2017 when you plan to be busier and find less time for hair styling.

5 Easy Hairstyles for Working Out 2017

Workouts become more interesting when you take special care about your look. Women like to look stylish even when they are having some work out or burning calories. Sounds cool and fascinating. So, which hairstyles are popular for workouts these days? Let’s make your working out process fancier. Check out these 5 easy hairstyles for working out 2017. Use them during your next workouts.5-easy-hairstyles-for-working-out-2017Headband Bob Hairstyle

If you have short bob haircut and it annoys you during the workout you may often go for low ponytail or other updo hairstyles but there is one cool option left. Here is Marc Jacobs’s stunning models in a straight headband bob hairstyle. The headband is a great hair accessory for workouts. It keeps front strands out of the face and makes the process of working out more enjoyable and convenient. With the help of this elastic headband you’ll feel yourself more confident.

Polished Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haircuts in common and casual styles are not always interesting. Short-haired Hollywood stars keep up with the best hair trends to steal something fascinating for their strands. What about you? Do you take special care for your short hair? Find your next polished hairstyle idea for short hair not to be confused when it comes to formal looks.polished-hairstyles-for-short-hair-2017Short Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

Straight, glossy, wet-look and sleek hairstyles come from men’s fashion. That’s’ why they are so flattering for short pixie haircuts. Although there are long sleek hairstyles too, but short sleek pixies are very neat, elegant and attractive. They grab attention and draw it to your face.

Cool Braided Hairstyles for Messy Hair

Why do we love messy hairstyles so much? Perhaps the main reason is that they are effortless and soft at the same time. We find creative and unique solutions to switch up our hairstyles with messy touches. Besides, messy hairdos ate popular and fashionable. Here are some of the newest messy braided hairstyles to try this year. Let’s add more fun and interest to our common plaits with more frizz and messiness.braided-hairstyles-for-messy-hair-2017Frizzy Fishtail Braid

Black women with frizzy hair will surely like the idea of a neater and cozier hairstyle like the side fishtail. It’s a gorgeous way to keep control over annoying strands and to look stylish. Your dry and frizzy hair will become quite attractive with the help of messy fishtail. One of my friends fell in love with this hairdo once I offered it for her frizzy and thick strands. Now, she wears it almost every week we meet.