2017 Trendy Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

I know how hard it is to choose a trendy haircut for natural hair. If you have such hair and seek for a new haircut then opt for one of these trendy natural hairstyles for 2017. You will find both long and short haircuts for all tastes and expectations. Find your style right here and be inspired by the most delightful style in the fashion world. black women rock with their cool and unique hairstyles.natural black hairstyles 2017Long Layered Natural Hair

There are types of black women who love their long frizzy mane and prefer to update it instead of cutting too short. A great solution for such hair is a layered haircut. It is a delightful and very feminine haircut for you to wear in 2017.

Hottest Halo Braid Hairstyles

Milkmaid and crown braids are the variations of the popular halo braid hairstyle. They come up in several cool styles, which look, festive and very angelic. These hairdos have the medieval inspiration in them and therefore tend to make you look like a real queen. If you are a real fan of braided hairstyles then you are going to fall in love with these halo braid hairstyles and use them in 2017. So, keep on reading and unlock another world to trendy braids.halo braid hairstyles 2017French Halo Braid Hairstyle

The first milkmaid braid in our top listed hairstyles is the French halo braid. This hairdo is achieved with the help of the popular French braiding and crown styling. Those who are familiar with French braiding techniques with surely use this style in the nearest future, as it is effortless and pretty at the same time. Tight and comfy French halo braids are good solutions for rainy and windy days when you need to have your hair in a neat look.

Lovely Medium Hairstyle Ideas from Celebrities

Mid-length is the most popular hairstyle among celebrities. It is worn with different twists and modern touches, which makes the haircut even more attractive. When your hair is too long to be considered as bob but quite short to be called long hair, you are in the perfect zone for experimenting with trendy hairstyles. It’s the mid-length with all its feminine attractiveness. Let’s be admired by the loveliest medium hairstyle ideas from celebrities.  medium hairstyles 2017Hailey Baldwin Medium Hairstyle with Bangs

Do you love bangs? A good news for you! Bangs are making a huge comeback and stylists offer different styles for medium haircuts. For example, Hailey Baldwin has paired her medium hair with long shaggy bangs. Although they are long enough and look like grown out bangs but they are quite soft and pretty in their straight and sleek style. These bangs compliment medium straight hairstyles making them more interesting.

Short Haircut Trends for 2017

Short haircuts tend to become the most dominant styles among women. They are worn on all hair types and textures. Each woman can consult with a stylist to choose the most flattering short pixie, bob or uneven haircut for her hair type and face shape. If you have decide to spice up your loom with a short haircut as well as add your hair a fresh touch then consider one of these trendy short haircuts in 2017.short haircuts 2017Short Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Short haircuts in layers are versatile and flexible styles for thin and straight hair. They look better with side swept bangs and in spiky, messy or sleek hairstyles. These haircuts are for classic women who look for super neat and chic haircuts to update their style. Many opt for short layered haircuts to make their hair look fuller and thicker. Actually layers help to achieve the desired result.

Best Wedding Updo Hairstyles

No one will deny the fact that wedding is the most important event in a girl’s life. This is the biggest day that requires special care towards your own look, dress, makeup and hairstyle. Each does her best to look delightful, astonishing and capturing. However everything needs to be in harmony to create the desired princess look. So, the  hairstyle plays a great role that’s why here we represent the best wedding updo hairstyles for you to try in 2017.wedding updo hairstyles 2017Boho Messy Updo Hairstyle

Almost all boho inspired updo hairstyles are either messy curly or wavy. They are generally beautified with fresh flowers or subtle chains. According to your wedding gown and the rest of the accessories, you can choose a cute headband to wear over the messy and loose updo hairstyle combined with relaxed waves. This hairstyle is possible to achieve with curling tools and bobby pins.

Amazing Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Ponytail is the easiest and the most popular hairstyle all over the world. It’s the queen of the posh updos and has a delightful charm in it. Being a timeless hairstyle ponytail is always there for us. It comes for help when we don’t know what to do with our messy, frizzy, greasy or undone hair. Ponytails are cozy and they always tend to grab attention. With the help of a trendy ponytail hairstyle you can bring out your killer facial features.ponytail hairstyles 2017Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Messy ponytail have become the most frequently seen hairstyles on the streets. Women rock car free yet seductive pony hairdos with a messy touch. It’s easy quick and comfy.

2017 Hot Hair Color Ideas

Are you in a search of a new hair color idea for 2017? Start the year with one of these trendy shades and take your hair color to the next level. We will help you to spice up your look with a fresh, fiery, cool, hot or subtle hue of blonde, brown red or pastel. Just think twice before choosing one of them as the options ate quite different and unique.hair color trends 2017Copper Red Hair Color

We love everything associated with the fiery copper hue. It’s the glossiest red hair color in the fashion world. You can’t find any other bright and shiny red shade at the same time. Copper has light and dark tones, which give you the opportunity to make your choice between the most flattering hues.

Seducing Messy Hairstyles

In a fairy-tail we would all wake up with perfect and delightful hairstyles. But in reality we always need to style our hair properly in the morning because we wake up with bedhead hair. However, the latest trends allow us to rock our messy hairstyles the way they are. They look very seductive and display our wild beauty. Men like the carefree yet voluminous hairstyles that frame our cute faces. All you need to fix the flaws is just the right haircut or hairstyle. Here is a great inspiration for you.messy hairstyles 2017Short Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Let’s start form the shortest messy hairstyle. It’s the trendy pixie with spikes on the top and in a soft hair color. Actually blonde pixie haircuts look very subtle and feminine even if you go for spikes and messy hairstyles.

Lovely Layered Hairstyle Ideas

Liven up your hair with a simple trick and enjoy the ease of styling hair in a variety of trendy hairdos. Soft face framing layers, bangs and structural cuts are sometimes all you need to take your hairstyle to the next level. They can easily freshen up your face and highlight its best features. Are you ready for such a cool transformation? Check out these lovely layered hairstyles to try in 2017.layered hairstyles 2017Long Layered Hairstyle in Balayage

Long hair always gives the best opportunity to play with trendy highlights like ombre, sombre and balayage. Here you see a cool long layered hairstyle in balayage. The cute layers allow to bring out the beauty of the balayage style. You can keep it as natural as you like. Style these layers into straight or loose wavy hairstyles.  They are also bale to provide you hair with volume and additional fullness.

2017 Best Short Hairstyles for Men

The majority of men usually seek for comfy short haircuts which can keep their look neat and stylish at the same time. Not all short haircuts are trendy and beautiful that’s why we have collected men’s best short haircuts for 2017 to let you know about the latest trends. These options will help you to make the right choice for your hair type, texture face shape and entire style.short haircuts for men 2017Buzz Cut for Men with Beards

Lately the shortest haircut buzz is accompanied with fancy beard styles. It has become one of the most requested trends in salons and all over the world. Men with short buzz cuts keep their beard grow out a little bit and style it according to their hairstyle. The result is astounding not only on white but also on black men who generally avoid beards to look neater. Short buzz cuts already keep you classic and tidy. So, you don’t have to worry about the final loo of this combination.