Celebrity Inspired Elegant Formal Hairstyles 2017

The holiday season is on the corner and all we need is a new hairstyle inspiration for parties. Your Christmas part or Valentine day will be complete only if your look is stunning and your hairstyle is elegant. Once you have chosen the festive outfit your next step is to match it with a lovely hairdo. Check out these celebrity inspired formal hairstyles for 2017.celebrity-formal-hairstyles-2017Lea Seydoux Medium Loose Curls

Medium haircuts in ombre hair colors are very posh and fashionable. If you have gone for mdi-length haircut and want to style it in an elegant hairdo, then take an example from Lea Seydoux. This stunning lady rocks loose curls inspired by the vintage Marline Monroe style. However, her hairdo is more attractive and modern. The deep and polished parting on the top and the face framing curls on one side are all you need to take your medium haircut to a festive level.

2017 Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Women blesses with thick hair should love their hair type instead of complaining because many thin-haired girls, like me, dream of thick strands to have the chance to go for any haircut they want. This time I offer trendy bob haircuts for thick hair for 2017. Don’t forget to talk with your stylist before choosing any style. Keep up with the best haircuts and learn as many styling tips as possible.bob-haircuts-2017Thick Uneven Bob Haircut

I star from this cool style as it’s the most attractive and eye-catching haircut of all bobs. It is mainly worn with long bangs and bold hair colors. Take this image with you when you visit a salon and show your stylist what you really want. After getting the cut think of a new shade. Then style it in a lovely and glamorous sleek hairstyle to look so classic and powerful. Whatever you’ll do with your hair it will always look trendier in asymmetrical shapes.  

Braided Hairstyles for Medium Haircuts

Medium haircuts seldom allow us to go for braided hairdos. That’s’ why we always keep up with the latest braided hair trends to choose the best ideas for mid-length cuts. Below you’ll find a great collection of braided hairstyles for medium hair. Pick several cute styles for your fresh haircut and use both on casual days and for formal events.medium-braided-hairstyles-2017Medium Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Among comfy hairstyles ponytail is the coziest. Luckily it is cool for medium haircuts to. But there are times when a simple pony seems too dull for you and seek a modern touch. Try this braided ponytail placing the Dutch plait on one side of your ponytail. The boring and simple ponytail will long be forgotten. Now you have a nice idea to use to take pony hairstyles to the next level.

Coolest Prom-Ready Hairstyle Trends 2017

Before you may style your hair for the next festival or prom, consider the following cool prom-ready hair trends for 2017. We are all over with flower braids and want to try more eye-catching and original hairdos for special events. This string of unique hairdos will take you to another room of hairstyles that look gorgeous, festive and very luxurious. They will take your breath away!festive-hairstyles-prom-2017Braided Hairstyle with Metal Accessories

There is no any other hot hairstyle than a creative braid with matching accessories. Today your metal rings, earrings and hair accessories can become the best embellishments for your braided hairstyles. This modern style is a stunning and lovely option for the big fans of braided hairdos. It’s an amazing choice for crazy evening parties.

Hottest Hairstyles 2017

Would you like to spice up your look with more fascinating and trendy hairstyles in 2017? Don’t leave this place as we are going to introduce to you the hottest hairstyles that we have seen during the latest fashion shows, on the red carpet and festivals. Don’t miss your chance of being the first among your friends to rock one of these cool haircuts and hairstyles. Update your look with modern twists.hottest-hairstyle-trends-2017Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Old-Hollywood curls are taken to the next level with trendy side parting, side swept hairstyles continue to amuse us with their cool variety for different hair length and types. This awesome hairdo is ideal for prom nights and any kind of special occasion. Side swept luscious curls go well with long haircuts and look better in fresh hair colors.

Hair Color Trends 2017

Every year we open the doors for new and shinier hair color trends. This time the turn is for the latest hair color trends for 2017. Our team has done a comprehensive research to find out the most beautiful and fashionable hair colors for all complexions and eye hues. All you need is just picking up the right tone for your locks. Don’t be messed up in the variety of old-fashioned hues. Try the recent innovative and attractive hair color ideas.hair-color-trends-2017Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Replace your black hair with warm dark chocolate brown hair color to enjoy the real charm of shiny locks. While black hair hide the shine of your strands the fresh chocolate brown highlights not only it shine but also healthy and luscious nature. This trendy shade of brown is ideal for tanned complexions, warm undertones and olive skin tones. It looks natural with dark brown eyes but can easily draw attention to light eyes.

5 Best Short Haircuts to Try in Spring

Spring is a tender windy season that likes to play with our locks so daintily. Changing up your haircuts in spring is full of fun and fascination. Many of us like to opt for little transformations in spring especially when it comes to hairstyles. So, welcome the best short haircuts for spring.  This string will make you think of a new style for the subtlest season of the year. Let’s check them out together.short-haircuts-for-spring-2017Short Messy Hairstyle

Voluminous, messy and wavy hairstyles in short cuts are number one styles for spring. They come up in a variety of structures and textures special for different types of hair. You can choose either a bob or pixie cut according to your current hair length, type and texture.

Hottest Hairstyles with Beards for Men 2017

Why do men with beards look so hot and masculine? Modern guys prefer beard styles as well as matching haircuts to enhance their power and masculinity. While others go for super clean and polished looks, these guys prove that they are the most seductive and fashionable. Have a look out our collection of the hottest hairstyles with beards for men for 2017 and think a new style.hairstyles-with-beards-for-men-2017Undercut with Beards for Men

Undercuts are generally disconnected haircuts with shaved or short sides and textured top part which is styled in a variety of ways. If you want to make your undercut more fashionable you’d better opt for beard styles which ideally complete this haircut. It seems as if you create a kind of connection between your hairstyle and facial hair. You can style undercut in shaggy hairstyles as well as in polished party styles.

2017 Party Hairstyle Trends

Keeping front hair out of the face with fancy techniques and styles has always been requested among women. Those who look for the loveliest night out and party hairstyles for 2017 to bring out their beautiful facial features. Some of these hairdos will come for help when you have 0 time for styling. Instead of pulling off luxurious and too eye-catching party hairstyles you can just go with simple, feminine and dainty hairdos even in messy effects.  party-hairstyles-2017Blowback Hairstyle

Although blowback is a typical male hairstyle idea for parties but since women have stolen the slicked back style from men’s fashion they can easily grab the blowback hairdo as well. This super voluminous combination of slicked back and wavy hairstyles is a posh choice for women who want to add extra-volume to their thin hair. It brings out your facial features and frames your face with stylish lion mane.

2017 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair not a big problem if you know how to style it right. It’s not only necessary to pay attention to the hairstyles. Haircuts also play a great role. So, start thinking not only about trendy hairstyles for frizzy hair for 2017 but also about stunning cuts. Some of the best examples are represented below. Check out these hairstyles and say goodbye to unruly, annoying and bad hair days.frizzy-hairstyles-2017Curly Hairstyle for Frizzy Hair

If you like more voluminous and curly hairstyles then I am here to tell you that you are going to become a trendsetter among your friends. Rather than looking messy your hair will look daintily curly. Latest fashion shows prompt us that even straight-haired models rock frizzy and curly hairstyles. They are easily achieved by curling tools and teasing.