Braided Half-Up Hairstyle Trends 2017

Do you love half-up hairstyles? Have you tried this style with trendy braids? Let’s unlock the world of the braided half-up hair trends for 2017.These are going to be your most favorite semi-updo hairstyles with modern twists and fabulous effects. Plaits come up in a number of looks and styles which means that every hair length is flexible for braided hairstyles. Our string of hairstyles is not only trendy but also very dainty as semi-updos are the most girlish hairstyles.braided-half-updo-hairstyles-2017Crown Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle

You have seen many crowns braid updo hairstyles in 2016. It’s the high time to try crown braid semi-updo hairstyles. They are also called halo plaits. This hairstyle idea creates a cute crown on the top of your head and you don’t even need to use special hair accessories to look festive. Just braid the top part of your hair into your favorite braid and finish it with a common semi-up hairstyle.

Hottest Long Straight Hairstyles

Long hair will never be out of style. It’s always in thing and will always be the most feminine style. If you are in a search of new long straight hairstyles for 2017 then you are in the right place. Discover the power of straight hairstyles right here ad right now. Our team has done a thorough research to find the latest straight hairstyles for you. Don’t miss your chance of being inspired by the loveliest long hairdos.long-hairstyles-2017Long Straight Layered Hairstyle

It goes without saying that long layers look perfect in straight styles. Once you opt for the flat ironed hairdos you allow your layers bring out their real charm. They look so hot and fresh.

Short Layered Haircuts for 2017

Short haircuts won’t be so versatile without the help of layered cuts. If you want to liven up your short hair you should opt for short trendy layered haircuts in 2017. Here we have collected the best layered cuts that you can choose for your current short hair. Even those with long thin hair can switch up their looks with short layered haircuts. Just find your style.short-layered-haircuts-2017Short Layered Bob Haircut

Why do women with thin hair go for layered bob haircuts? Because layers add depth and fullness as well as an incredible volume. The best layered bob haircuts are inverted bobs with shorter back parts and longer front strands. This is an awesome solution for straight and fine hair but looks nice with loose and textured waves too. You can pair it with soft side swept bangs.

2017 Newest Side Swept Hairstyles

When the first side parted hairdos were first represented by creative stylists everyone knew that this is a new big trend in the fashion world. It comes up with a variety of looks and styles which compliment different hair textures and types. Since we are already familiar with the common and traditional side swept hairdo we will pass on to the newest side swept hairstyles for 2017. Are you ready for more creative styles?side-swept-hairstyles-2017Side Swept Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Asymmetrical cuts always give us the chance to rock creative hairstyles. if you are a big fan of side swept hairstyles and you feel as if your face shape goes well with it, then you can opt for an uneven cut with a side parted structure. Between the most popular side swept asymmetrical cuts you can find undercuts, bob and pixie hairstyle combinations. They are trendy and charming and the same time.

Bohemian Messy Hair Trends for 2017

Bohemian is considered as an old yet trendy style for free women. When we say free we generally mean the state of soul which allows you to step out of the house the way you like. Boho chic gives us full freedom when it comes to dressing and hair styling. This effortless and carefree style is all about femininity and attractiveness. It is beautiful even in the messiest looks. Let’s have a look at some bohemian messy hair trends for 2017 and keep up with the best boho looks.messy-boho-hairstyles-2017Long Boho Curls Hairstyle

While others go for loose waves we offer boho inspired loose curls for your complete stylish look. This hairstyle is not a polished and luxurious one. It’s messy, shaggy and voluminous in its style and tends to bring out your wild prettiness. You can keep the roots in a darker shade for a better result. Dark roots are the latest fashionable touches for boho hairstyles.

Popular Medium Hairstyles for Prom

Women with medium haircuts are not always satisfied with the available prom hairdos for their hair length. If you are one of mid-length-haired beauties who is in a search of a cool festive hairdo then check out these popular medium hairstyle ideas for prom. We will help you to find the best option for your stunning and fabulous look.medium-prom-hairstyles-2017Medium Half-Updo Hairstyle

One of the best solutions for mid-length hair is the semi-updo hairstyle. This feminine and super girlish style compliments almost all hair types. It looks perfect with curls and waves.

Simple Wavy Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Whether you like loose or messy waves here are the best easy to do wavy hairstyles for 2017. They are so simple and cute that you’ll fall in love with some of the examples. Waves are always girlish, fashionable and eye-catching on any length of hair. Shot-haired ladies use this style to soften their cuts and long-haired beauties embrace their locks. So, no matter your hair length. Just try!wavy-hairstyles-2017Loose Beach Waves Hairstyle

During one of the latest Diane von Furstenberg show we have seen loose beach waves hairstyles created by Orlando Pita. This stylist has gone for a subtler and more elegant version of beach waves making fresh hair color shine beautifully. while you use beach waves as casual hairstyles Pita offers to take this styel to the next level for festive looks.

Runway Hair Trends to Try in 2017

When it comes to runway hairstyles, we try to do a thorough research to provide you with the most beautiful and popular hairstyle trends for 2017. If you are ready for a new haircut or hairstyle then have a look at this string of cool runway hairstyles. They will give you creative ideas on how to liven up your locks with simple tricks. Don’t lose your chance of becoming more fashionable with trendy hairstyles.hairstyles-2017Accessorized Updo Hairstyles

Royal, elegant and feminine touches are usually added with the help of hair accessories. They complete our posh looks and bring out our hair colors. 2017 is going to be the year of jeweled, metal, flower-shaped and boho hair accessories.

Kendall Jenner’s Best Hairstyle Ideas

Kendall Jenner is one of those famous women who seldom goes for edgy transformations. She is not a big fan of frequent changes and likes to keep her signature style and look according to the classiest and most elegant trends. We mostly remember her in long brunette hairstyles, which inspire us for our prom looks. Check out Kendall Jenner’s best hairstyle ideas. These are her most memorable and attractive looks.kendall-jenner-hairstyles-2017Kendall Jenner’s Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles are all the rage these days and we represent Kendall’s cute ponytail with great pleasure. This girlish hairstyle makes her even younger and very charming, in spite of being in a messy style it still keeps some neatness which compliments Kendall’s overall look. She is a cute lady with high messy pony hairdos.

Hottest Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Fine Hair 2017

Women with fine hair should always discover and learn new ways of styling their strands. While some stylists don’t recommend to go for bob haircuts for thin hair others claim that it’s a marvelous solution when you just need to opt for the right cut. Pay special attention to the edges and texture and pick one of these trendy bob hairstyles for fine hair in 2017.  Never forget about messy, shaggy hairstyles and texturizing highlights. They always help to get fuller hairstyles.bob-haircuts-for-fine-hair-2017Bob Haircut with Highlights

All shades of slicing highlights are perfect for thin hair. If you have just gone for a short bob cut but it still looks simple and thin, then highlights will come for help. They create a polished and deeper effect all over your hair. Place them on the top and face framing parts of your hair and enjoy your subtle, multi-dimensional hairstyle. Bangs are also great if you decide to add some highlights on your hair. Thus, combine your bob with full bangs.