Hairstyle Trends for Pixie Cuts

Pixie is the cut that forbids you to go for many hairstyles but allows you to look cooler and style your locks in several trendy ways. Some of the best hairstyles trends for pixie cuts are collected right here. If you are not pleased with your short haircut then perhaps you style it in wrong. Discover the latest ideas on how to change up the simple look of your pixie cut into a better and prettier style.Hairstyle Trends for Pixie CutsSpikes for Pixie Haircut

Straight, thick and textured pixie haircuts give us the chance to opt for spiky hairstyles. They are crazy, messy and flashy hairstyles for short hair. Although women have stolen spiky hairstyles from men’s fashion but they know how to make it feminine.  Hairstyle Trends for Pixie CutsHow to Style: The key to a perfect spiky hairstyle is hidden behind the hair styling products and tools you choose. First, you should start styling your hair in its damp state to get the desired result. Use blow drier to make hair voluminous and to lift it up from the roots. Then apply hair spray, wax and other styling products. Use your fingers to get the sharp and messy spikes on the top and sides. Finish with strong-hold hair spray.

Baby Bangs for Pixie Haircut

Those who think that their pixie haircut is too boyish in its shortness should opt for hairstyles or even cuts, which can soften the look. In this case, baby bangs are very cute and beautiful. They bring a girlish touch and make even the shortest pixies very ravishing and stylish.Baby Bangs for Pixie HaircutHow to Get: In order to achieve this cute hairstyle you should ask your hairstylist for short baby bangs. After cutting your hair off, you need to opt or flattering hairstyles. Just a simple hair styling spray of crema and you are done with a lovely pixie hairdo.

Wavy Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle

This is the state when you look for more styling ideas as your pixie cut already provides you with much texture. What about loose waves. They work well with grown out pixie haircuts and add extra charm. Loose waves help to create an overall feminine look even if hair is short.Wavy Grown Out Pixie HairstyleHow to Style: Use braiding or curling methods to get relaxed waves and fix them with hair spray. You can also use flat iron for cute waves. Side parting or shaggy finishes can be the best for this hairstyle.

Rainbow Pixie Hairstyle

Looking for a new hair color for your short haircut? Stop here as you have something to try in 2017. It’s the rainbow hair trend. Pick a bright shade of blue, pink purple, green or mix them to achieve a stunning shade. Rock a lovely hairstyle in a fresher and trendier hair color.Rainbow Pixie HairstyleHow to Get: Dye your hair in a shade that flatters your complexion and can be easily worn on your base shade. Dark hair colors are awesome in deep purple, blue and red shades, while blondes are welcome to experiment with lighter hues including pastels.