2017 Updo Hairstyle Trends for Short Cuts

Millions of updo hairstyles are flattering for long hair but what about short haircuts? Do stylists have trendy hairstyle ideas for short haircuts too? Today you’ll find out the most popular and beautiful updo hairstyles for short hair 2017. The following string of updos is going to erase the myth that short hair can be styled differently. Surprise your friends and relatives with your creativity wearing some of these updo hairstyles on your short hair.2017 Updo Hairstyle Trends for Short CutsLow Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Low sleek bun hairstyles are comfy for any length of hair. They can be styled on short locks too. You don’t need to go too bold to grab attention. Sometimes simple and elegant hairstyles are more attractive. You can easily achieve this hairdo on your strands and display your killer facial features.bun hairstyle for short hair 2017How to Style: First, rub hair cream to make your locks as controllable as possible. Then comb all backwards and create a sleek effect. Style a low bun and secure it with tight elastic or bobby pins. Finish with hair spray.

Headband Updo Hairstyle for Short Cuts

Dainty headbands are sometimes the best beauty tools for short hair. They solve the problem of your prom look and provide you with cute hairstyles. You can use elastic headbands if you have short locks and want to get a comfy updo hairstyle.headband updo for short hair 2017How to Style: Begin with textured and voluminous hair. This is the case when your hairstyle will look beautiful even if it’s messy. Just comb all backwards and create a medium updo hairstyle securing with bobby pins. Wear the thin headband over it to fix the look and keep front strands out of the face. Such a lovely hairstyle is worth trying.

Low Chignon Hairstyle for Short Hair

What about a classy chignon hairstyle at your neck? Here is a trendy low chignon updo that you can style on short haircuts too. Just consider a matching hair accessory to finish it with an exquisite touch. This hairstyle is ideal for straight and slightly wavy hair.chignon hairstyle for short hair 2017How to Style: Begin with teasing the top part with a thin-toothed comb. Then brush all hair backwards and fix the teased part with hair spray. Style a low chignon twisting into an updo and embellish it with a pretty hair accessory.

French Twist Updo for Short Hair

Finally, here is the most popular hairstyle trend among all updos for 2017. It’s the fascinating French twist updo hairstyle to choose for short haircuts. You may either use multiple twists to get the look or just the traditional single twist style.French twist updo for short hair 2017How to Style: The styling technique of French twist is not that complicated if you have common hair styling skills. You need to use hair products as bobby pins for a perfectly tight and polished French twist. It’s a sleek and cozy hairstyle for different events.