Amazing Short Hairstyles

2017 has a lot to offer for the biggest fans of short hairstyles. Of course there are many traditional and common hair styling tips for short cuts but this time we’ll focus on the latest most amazing hairstyles hat go well with sort cuts. Once you leave your comfort zone and discover new hairdos you start thinking out of the box and do your best to opt for more creative styling options flattering your hair length.shot haircuts 2017Faux Side Braid Undercut for Bob

If you have a short bob haircut, which is too simple and sleek for you there is the striking and eye-catching side faux braid undercut hairstyle for you to try in 2017. This innovative and interesting hairstyle goes well with short pixie cuts too. It’s an awesome way to impress people. While others shave or cut off their side hair you can get the same effect with tight braids. Choose it as a party hairstyle idea.short bob 2017Half Bob Hairstyle

Along with braided styling ideas we also meet more stylish tips for short haircuts. One of them is the half bob style, which is achieved by shaving techniques. This harsh and yet trendy haircut differs from the rest of bobs with its asymmetrical and flashy nature. It is softened with a light blonde shade and looks polished thanks to the super straight and sleek hairstyle. It allows you to get a new look for your old-fashioned bob haircuts.short bob hair 2017Twisted Hairstyle for Pixie

Special for those who can’t find prom-ready and elegant hairstyles for their pixie cuts here is the twisting idea. It is widely used among short-haired women as a cool trick to make short haircuts look classy and romantic. The best part about this hairdo is that it looks like a real updo and goes well with most hair textures. You can style it even by yourself as twists are easier than braids. Use bobby pins to fix them in place.short pixie 2017Half-Updo for Bob

If your bob haircut allows you to go for semi-updo hairstyles then choose this fancy version. It’s a simple yet sophisticated half-updo hairstyle that looks better with bangs. In order to style it you need to have straight hair and use a stylish hair accessory. With the help of half-updo hairstyles you keep front strands out of the face and bring out the face shape.half updo bob 2017Braided Hairstyle for Undercut Pixie

Another party hairdo for pixie cuts is the following braided hairstyle. It’s a subtle and girlish one for harsh and boyish short undercut pixie cuts. Wearing some loose and small braids on the top or side part you can take away the attention from the harshness of your haircut and look quite elegant.braided pixie 2017