Polished Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haircuts in common and casual styles are not always interesting. Short-haired Hollywood stars keep up with the best hair trends to steal something fascinating for their strands. What about you? Do you take special care for your short hair? Find your next polished hairstyle idea for short hair not to be confused when it comes to formal looks.polished-hairstyles-for-short-hair-2017Short Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

Straight, glossy, wet-look and sleek hairstyles come from men’s fashion. That’s’ why they are so flattering for short pixie haircuts. Although there are long sleek hairstyles too, but short sleek pixies are very neat, elegant and attractive. They grab attention and draw it to your face.sleek-pixie-hairstyle-2017Finger Waves for Short Hair

For a complete festive look finger waves are always there for us. Women with short haircuts hardly find such glamorous and feminine hairstyles to grab attention. If you want to make your short hairstyle polished and more eye-catching experiment with retro inspired Marcel or the so called finger waves.  They are achieved with special hair styling techniques.finger-waves-for-short-hair-2017Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle

Now, something cool for bob haircuts. This slicked back style I the newest hairstyle idea for short bobs. It can be combined with pixie haircuts too but looks better on bob cuts. You can either pull all your hair backwards or create a side parted hairstyle with sleek finish. Both are trendy and neat. Slicked back hairstyles look better in monotone shades.slicked-back-bob-hairstyle-2017Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Go ahead with waves if your bob hairstyle is dull and loos thin. Waves add volume and keep your hairstyles very girlish. Instead of shaggy and curly styles, try some polished and subtle waves using a curling iron and hair spray. The fresher your hair color the nicer your bob hairstyle will look. Even if you don’t want to change your hair color you can add trendy highlights.short-wavy-bob-2017Short Polished Uneven Hair

If you think that asymmetrical or uneven haircuts are meant only for edgy and messy hairstyles I am here to offer you a polished hairdo. Be it a bob or pixie cut you can style it with the right techniques to look so tidy, posh and lavishing. Mainly use flat iron and matching products which make hair sleek and frizz-free. Don’t mess up everything. Just keep it simple and tuck some part of your hair behind the ear, finish your unique look with trendy makeups.  short-polished-uneven-hair-2017