Wedding Hairstyles

Your big day is on the corner and you are looking for a nice wedding hairstyle for 2017. Don’t worry! The following party hairstyle ideas are chosen special for you. They will make your wedding day incredible and unrepeatable. Choose the most flattering wedding hairstyle taking into account your gown, accessories and makeup.

2017 Party Hairstyle Trends

Keeping front hair out of the face with fancy techniques and styles has always been requested among women. Those who look for the loveliest night out and party hairstyles for 2017 to bring out their beautiful facial features. Some of these hairdos will come for help when you have 0 time for styling. Instead of pulling off luxurious and too eye-catching party hairstyles you can just go with simple, feminine and dainty hairdos even in messy effects.  party-hairstyles-2017Blowback Hairstyle

Although blowback is a typical male hairstyle idea for parties but since women have stolen the slicked back style from men’s fashion they can easily grab the blowback hairdo as well. This super voluminous combination of slicked back and wavy hairstyles is a posh choice for women who want to add extra-volume to their thin hair. It brings out your facial features and frames your face with stylish lion mane.

Best Celebrity Party Hairstyles

It is not a secret that the majority of celebrities choose trendy hairstyles for their festive looks. Women love parties and they do their best to look more than fabulous with the help of a posh outfit, matching accessories, makeup and hairstyle. But finding the best party hairstyle is not an easy task. Check out these celebrity party hairstyles to find your next inspiration. Your locks are going to be fancy and lovely during the coming party night.   celebrity-party-hairstyles-2017Elizabeth Banks Top Knot Hairstyle

Upgrade your top knot hairstyle with a statement making modern twist used by Elizabeth Banks. If you are fond of cozy hairstyles for parties then this shiny and tight updo is just on point. It’s effortless and keeps all hair out of the face bringing out her killer facial features. You can match this hairdo with natural or bold makeups according to your outfits and preferences.

Runway Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

From the fresh pixies to classic bob cuts, short hair has taken as to the next level of beauty hacks and brave solutions in our looks. Thanks to inspiring models and celebrities today, we know how to deal with this style to make it as versatile as possible. However, things are always complicated when it comes to bridal looks. In this case, we need something more luxurious, attractive, feminine and flashy. So, there are perfect runway inspired wedding hairstyles for short hair that seem to be the best options for short-haired brides. Here they are!wedding-hairstyles-for-short-hair-2017Short Hair with Headband

Any kind of short pixie haircut can immediately become festive and eye-catching with a stylish headband. Of course, you need to pick a headband that works with your gown, hair color and makeup. If you have dark hair then you are welcome to rock purely white headband with flowers. Women with light blonde or red hair may go for jeweled headbands.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Spring 2017

Anyone who has ever discovered the free people’s style for himself/herself has fallen in love with it. There is a lot to tell about this mysterious and unique style that differs from the rest but today we will consider the best bohemian wedding hairstyles for spring 2017. Unlock the fascinating world of the boho chic for your wedding day and find out the most amazing and effortless hair styling ideas to get a super feminine attractiveness.boho-wedding-hairstyles-2017Boho Wedding Bombshell Updo Hairstyle

Almost all bohemian updo hairstyles are loose, subtle, wavy and braided. They are embellished with fresh flowers, which break down any possible harshness provided by the messiness. Usually these messy hairstyles display the wearer’s soft feminine nature. That’s why they are ideal for spring weddings. You can combine your wavy updo hairstyles with fishtail, halo, Dutch, French or simple three-strand braids.

Best Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas from Catwalks

Short haircuts have become so trendy these days that every 10th woman updates her locks with new and edgy short bobs or pixies. According to the latest hair trends, short haircuts are the most requested options in salons. This means that hairstyles have to think of versatile styling ideas for short haircuts, which are not that flexible. If you have short hair and want to find a trendy short wedding hairstyle idea for your big day then this article is for you. Keep on reading and find your ultimate style.short-wedding-hairstyles-2017Short Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

Taking into account the fact that headbands are best accessories for your festive hair we offer a lovely hairstyle idea for short pixies. So, opt for a short wavy hairstyle using your curling tools or hair gels and finish it with a subtle headband that goes well with your bridal accessories, dress, makeup and hair color. Try to keep a kind of retro touch in your hairstyle for a more elegant result.

Loose Wavy Wedding Hairstyles

There are many ways to make your bridal hairstyle elegant and romantic. Whether you have short or long hair you are always welcome to try something between loose wavy wedding hairstyles for your big day. They are the most sophisticated and attractive hairdos that compliment subtle gowns and wedding accessories. Loose waves are the easiest hairstyles and some of the represented options are so effortless that you can achieve them even by yourself. Let’s try some ideas.loose-wavy-wedding-hairstyles-2017Long Loose Finger Waves Hairstyle

One of my favorite wavy hairstyles is the long loose finger waves which is considered as a trendy festive hairdo for any party. Your wedding look will be complete and super-feminine with this posh hairstyle. It’s sometimes called an old Hollywood hairdos which makes a huge comeback. The majority of Hollywood stars have experimented with Marcel or finger waves.

2017 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle Trends from Bridal Shows

Wedding hairstyles inspired by the trendy runway looks are always the most fashionable and eye-catching options. Women who make their choice between these hairstyles always look stylish and gorgeous. So, if you are in search of a wedding hairstyle trend for 2017 then have a look at these cool runway looks and decide which hairstyle best goes with your gown and the chosen makeup.2017 runway wedding hairstylesGalia Lahav: Slicked Back Wedding Hairstyle

No one could imagine that one day the harsh and masculine slicked back hairstyles could become wedding hair trends for females. Luckily stylists and designers know how to soften it and make prettier. They use hair accessories and combine the tips with loose waves like Galia Lahav’s models’ hair. This hairstyle helps to draw attention to the face.

Best Wedding Updo Hairstyles

No one will deny the fact that wedding is the most important event in a girl’s life. This is the biggest day that requires special care towards your own look, dress, makeup and hairstyle. Each does her best to look delightful, astonishing and capturing. However everything needs to be in harmony to create the desired princess look. So, the  hairstyle plays a great role that’s why here we represent the best wedding updo hairstyles for you to try in updo hairstyles 2017Boho Messy Updo Hairstyle

Almost all boho inspired updo hairstyles are either messy curly or wavy. They are generally beautified with fresh flowers or subtle chains. According to your wedding gown and the rest of the accessories, you can choose a cute headband to wear over the messy and loose updo hairstyle combined with relaxed waves. This hairstyle is possible to achieve with curling tools and bobby pins.

Latest Bob Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Fashion trends are changeable and nothing is forever but there are timeless hairstyles that always look stylish and just need updates. One of them is the bob haircut. It is a versatile style that’s why we see it each season with modern twists and fancier touches. If you have decided to wear a trendy bob haircut in 2017 then keep on reading because below you’ll see the most attractive styles of the seductive bob haircut.bob hairstyles 2017Shag Bob Hairstyle

Lately shaggy hairstyles have become big trends. They are combined with any hair length and tend to make hair more interesting. Women with thin tresses choose shaggy bob haircuts to add visual fullness and thickness to their locks. These hairstyles look beautiful even in their natural look but if you have super straight hair you can use special products to achieve the messiness. Layers and bangs can also help to get the shag.